“What’s your problem? Loosen up!”: Sharon Stone Was Forced Into Alcoholism, Had To Lie About Going Sober To Make It Stop

Sharon Stone Was Forced Into Alcoholism, Had To Lie About Going Sober To Make It Stop
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Sharon Stone has a legendary status in the entertainment industry, thanks to her undeniable talent and ageless beauty. But the actress is also famous for often revealing deeply unsettling truths that lie beneath Hollywood’s glitz and glamor.


During the initial successful phase of her career, Stone, now 65, believed she was in excellent health and at the pinnacle of her stardom. She dominated the box office for more than ten years after breaking through to stardom in 1992’s Basic Instinct with her legendary performance.

She even received an Oscar nomination for her work in Martin Scorsese’s Casino in 1995, solidifying her reputation as a brave, intelligent actress whose pretty face belied a steely toughness.

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Stone has a history of causing people to gasp, so her 2014 The Hollywood Reporter magazine cover was likely to do the same. But the actress also made some shocking claims about the initial phase of her career’s dark experiences. 

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‘People Don’t Want to See a Fat Sharon Stone’

Sharon Stone, who is renowned for her mesmerizing performances both on and off the screen, opened up about the situations she had to deal with and the tremendous pressure.


To begin with, she was constantly being questioned about why she kept revealing her age to others. Although it may seem harsh, the actress believed it was childish to pretend to be anything. The actress told during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2014:

“I actually find aging a benefit. I don’t choose to make growing older a negative. I choose to get older. Growing older is my goal.”

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

How did she become this way, and how? Well, this was mainly because she had to work hard to earn it. To quote the actress:

“I work at everything. To me, discipline is a kind of freedom. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness and go four or five times a week. It forces me out. Celebrity can be so introverting. I’m inspired by watching what other people are doing there. I eat clean, I always have. I’m off gluten.”

Further, the Basic Instinct actress claimed:


“People don’t want to see a fat Sharon Stone, do they? I know my brand!”

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Sharon Stone Was Forced Into Alcoholism?

Sharon Stone is regarded as one of the most beautiful women around. She had to become accustomed to having eyes on her as a result of that. And, of course, she simply cannot avoid receiving male attention.

Though, she did not find that problematic as well. Stone revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she grew accustomed to men who:


“Kept dogging you ’cause you were the young hot girl: That’s like throwing a pork chop out into a field of wild animals!”

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

However, even after the time passed, people continued to look at her. After all, they were of the same age. She immediately made the call after learning Madonna’s secret—no alcohol—from her personal trainer. There was no going back for the Catwoman actress after three months of sobriety. 

“Any alcohol. I drank so little to begin with. But seven years ago, I was training and I wanted to get really cut up. I looked at Madonna — we’re the same age — and I asked my trainer, ‘What am I not doing? Find out what she’s doing!’”

Stone then began telling people that she was “sober”: 

“I saw a huge difference! And that’s when I started to notice people shove alcohol at you. ‘What’s your problem?’ ‘Loosen up!’ ‘Why won’t you drink?’ People became uncomfortable and aggressive. So after eight or nine months, I started telling people I was sober. And the clarity I started to have about myself and others was astounding.”

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

She claimed that for years, she had seen actors and actresses spiral out of control when using drugs and alcohol. She, therefore, desired to experience each and every emotion a person can feel, without ever ceasing to do so. But now that time has changed, thus, as she concluded:


“Now I’m a big tea drinker, though rarely ones with caffeine. I have an apothecary of tea.”

Sharon Stone’s most recent appearance was in Andrew Dosunmu’s drama, Beauty in 2022, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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