Where Are The Characters from Tiger King 2 Now?

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The true-crime juggernaut, Tiger King 2 landed with a twist in March 2020. Right after the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the Netflix Documentary appeared as a welcome distraction. The second season of the hit documentary starts with twists, turns, and a compelling story. And on top of that, season 2 returned with some familiar fan-favorite characters from the original show. Along with new faces, the show pretty much covered how the first season’s release has affected the lives of everyone involved. Unfortunately, Tiger King 2 has left some of the key characters behind and kept fans wondering what they are doing now. Let’s have a sneak peek into their lives.


Joe Exotic, aka Joe Maldonado-Passage, was sentenced to 22 years in prison. He was guilty of the animal cruelty act as he attempted to hire two hitmen to kill his rival, along with 17 counts of animal abuse charges. However, his appeals began in the sequence of Tiger King 2. The plot of Tiger King 2 also has the probability to prove Joe’s innocence including Allen Glover’s confessions. However, Joe was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Tiger King 2
Joe Exotic

Carole Baskin was very disappointed with her false representation in the show. But, eventually, Carole became the subject of many Internet memes that gave fans tears of laughter. Moreover, she even sued Netflix for the release of Tiger King season 2.

Carole in her early days

The storyline of Don Lewis is one of the biggest mysteries in both seasons of Tiger King. In 1997, Don Lewis, the husband of Carole Baskin, disappeared without an indication. Season 1 depicted the idea of Don having been dead or murdered and that allegedly pointing fingers at Carole. It was all Joe’s theory. However, season 2 brought new yet different theories along with it. Department of Homeland Security in the 2nd season showed the slightest chance of Don being alive in Costa Rica. Yet, the mystery of Don’s whereabouts is still unspecified.

Tiger King 2
The husband of Carole Baskin

Up next is the most popular villain of the series, Jeff Lowe. He played a significant role in the making of the documentary. However, the entrepreneur was described as a con man in both seasons. Jeff took over Joe Exotic’s Animal Park after Joe got arrested.

Ever since then, Jeff has been all over the news as he tried to keep the zoo running even during the lockdown situation. He even thought of opening a new one. However, in May 2021 Lowe was forced to forfeit all the sixty-plus big cats in his care. A civil complaint against him for both inhumane treatment and improper handling of animals.

Some wild things about Allen Grover have surfaced in Season 2. Like his arrest in August 2021 for a DUI. During an interview, Allen regretted saying he truly feels guilty for helping send Joe to jail. Grover also mentioned he would like to do whatever it takes to release Joe. However, there are still many unknown things about Allen Grover.



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