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Why Doctor Strange Still Has Eye of Agamotto Despite No Time Stone

The Eye of Agamotto is one of the most powerful magical artifacts in Marvel comics history. In the MCU, it was used to act as a conduit for Doctor Strange to channel the powers of the Time Stone. But the Time Stone was destroyed in Endgame and the Eye of Agamotto also suffered the same fate in Infinity War. Yet we see Doctor Strange wield the mystical object around his neck in Multiverse of Madness. Why is the Eye of Agamotto still around? Does it play a crucial role in the movie?


After watching so many Marvel movies, we know this – nothing is left to chance by Marvel Studios. If the Eye of Agamotto is there, it must serve a deeper purpose. Let’s find out what that could be.

The Original Eye of Agamotto Was Crushed By Thanos

Thanus Crushes Eye of Agamoto in Infinity War
Thanus Crushes Eye of Agamoto in Infinity War

The Eye of Agamotto was instrumental in helping Strange defeat Kaecilius and the zealots. When Dormammu came calling, it was the Eye that forced the dark lord into a time loop and made him retreat. Infinity War saw Doctor Strange fight Thanos on Titan. And in the end, Strange surrenders the trinket to Thanos to save Iron Man’s life. Thanos removes the Time Stone from the Eye of Agamotto and crushes the artifact. And yet we see it again in No Way Home. And in all the Doctor Strange 2 trailers, the Eye is seen back in action around Stephen Strange’s neck.

Sinister Strange Has A ‘Third Eye’ In Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Sinister Strange Third Eye
Sinister Strange Third Eye

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will give us multiple variants of Doctor Strange 2. Apart from Defender Strange and Zombie/Nightmare Strange, we will also see another Strange variant. Sinister Strange greets Doctor Strange in the final few moments of the trailer. And in one trailer, the Doctor Strange variant is seen wielding a third eye. But it’s not the Eye of Agamotto. It is an actual third eye on his forehead.

There has to be a connection.

Sinister Strange’s Third Eye & Eye of Agamotto Connection

Doctor Strange - Sinister Strange
Doctor Strange – Sinister Strange

The Eye of Agamotto is an artifact created by Agamotto, the world’s first sorcerer. He is now a member of the Vishanti, a trio of Gods of magic. The Eye is always in the possession of the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. It’s abilities are not psychic in nature despite what all appearances may indicate. The artifact is known to radiate an all-revealing aura that can see through illusions and look into the past and future events. It is unique in the sense that doctor Strange can still use it in his astral form.

Doctor Strange - Third Eye
Doctor Strange – Third Eye

How is it connected to Sinister Strange’s Third Eye, you ask? It is because when a wielder of the Eye uses it, a third eye pops up in his or her forehead. The Eye also responds to only white magic, meaning evil mages cannot use it for nefarious purposes. The fact that Sinister Strange is wielding a third eye means he is either using his own Eye of Agamotto or borrowed Doctor Strange’s. In either case, it looks more and more plausible that Sinister Strange is not the bad guy.

What Role Does The Eye Play In Doctor Strange 2

Ancient One Wields The Eye in Endgame
Ancient One Wields The Eye in Endgame

As we have said, the Eye of Agamotto has various auxiliary functions to help its wielder. From seeing past events to interacting with ethereal beings and looking across dimensions, the Eye of Agamotto has many powerful mystical features. Doctor Strange 2 is prepping Stephen Strange to unlock his true potential by unlocking his third eye via the Eye of Agamotto. Maybe Sinister Strange will train him on how to do that. The Eye will unlock a level of mystical power Stephen Strange didn’t know he had in him. That is probably how Strange survives his travels across the Multiverse in Doctor Strange 2.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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