Why Hollywood Churns Out Boring Superhero Movies Of The Same Formula

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Hollywood loves Superhero movies. They are one of the most profitable films. With an ever-growing army of fans, superhero films are a gift that keeps on giving. From merchandise sales, licenses, and series adaptations, profits are endless!  However, all is not rosy in this corner of the film industry.


There is a wider pattern emerging. Hollywood keeps churning out broadly similar, boring films following the same formula. This is an enduring pattern. We examine the reasons for the same in this article. What do you think of this phenomenon? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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Lots of Money at Risk with Superhero Movies – Incentive To Play Safe

Why hollywood churns out superhero movies of the same formula
A picture of Superman, one of the most prominent superheroes.

We all know, superhero movies have an ungodly amount of money riding on them. We have all seen the multi-million dollar figures that are associated with these films. While all this might be good for business, art is what gets sacrificed. With huge financial stakes, filmmakers are very risk-averse. Understandably so. They stick to the formula that works.

After all, the saying goes, don’t change what already works. What practically follows from this is an endless supply of sequels, spinoffs, and adaptations that follow broadly the same formula. New ideas and unconventional things are shunned.

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Consumers Usually Don’t Reward Unconventional Scripts

Why hollywood churns out superhero movies of the same formula
Various Superheros from the Justice League

Filmmakers make what the consumers like, as a result, the consumers get films that remind them of their favorite superhero films. This cycle continues. In this scheme of things, new ideas and unconventional things are shunned. The tried and tested is rinsed and repeated. On and on. What we get is a regular supply of average films that make extraordinary amounts of money. The vast corporate machine and endless people in it ensure what Hollywood makes are safe, familiar, superhero movies.

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The Superhero Movie Formula Remains The Same

Why hollywood churns out superhero movies of the same formula
A collage of various superheroes.

Finally, the superhero formula at the core of most such films remains the same. There is a bad guy who wants to do bad things, good guy-superhero stands in the way and saves the day. While many of us scream for original and unique content, deep down we tend to like a set of arcs, tropes, and plot patterns in our films.


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