Why Norman Reedus Is TV’s Best Kept (& Most Adorable) Secret

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is more than a TV actor. He is synonymous with Daryl Dixon from “The Walking Dead.” The chances are that you have undoubtedly seen Norman Reedus, somewhere or the other. And yet, he remains an enigma. Let’s see what we can learn about him:

1. One head and many hats: Norman Reedus is a painter, photographer, artist. He has acted in TV shows, music videos and is also a model.

10 Music Videos- Norman Reedus
In a Music Video

2. An Accidental Acting Career: Norman followed a girl to Los Angeles and was dumped immediately. One day his friend invited him to a movie party. There he got drunk and started shouting while wearing enormous sunglasses. He was offered a role in a play, which he accepted. On the very first night, a lady who was an agent hip-pocketed him. He got a few bookings and has never looked back since then.

Young Norman Reedus
Young and Handsome!

3. An Insecure Actor: Norman Reedus  says that he is insecure when he is acting. But when he started his career, he thought everybody hated him. As a result, he glared at everyone as he thought they hated him and his work. The scowl became his signature look, and the rest is history!

Dark Harbor - Young Man. Norman Reedus
Young and Insecure

4. Daryl Dixon: In the original script, Daryl was a racist and crass. But Norman Reedus thought that the character should be subtle and layered. He knew that the character had to be nuanced to have the audience rooting for them.

Daryl dixon walking dead,
Daryl Dixon

5. Character Credit: Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics, gives Norman Reedus all the credit for how his character has shaped up and is an integral part of the show. Rumors are that Daryl is soon going to be a part of the comics also.

The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman,
Robert Kirkman

6. Cat love: Norman Reedus loves cats. When his son asked him for a black cat, he went around looking for one in the streets and the rescue shelters. It was an angry animal. He travels with Reedus and is his constant companion.

Norman Reedus and his cat EITD "Eyes in the Dark" | Norman reedus, Walking dead tv show, Black cat day
Reedus and Eyes In The Dark

7. More Cat Love: He also painted and sold paintings of cats to pay rent and survive when he lived in Sitges. Mostly, women who felt sorry for him bought the paintings. (Imagine the fortune they would fetch on eBay today!)

Cat Art Show 2016 Features Norman Reedus
Cat Paintings

8. Beth, Emily Kinney s death: The cast and crew of The Walking dead are a very closely-knit group. So the end of any character on screen is a highly emotional time offscreen. After filming Beth’s death scene, Reedus broke down. He sat down on an apple crate and bawled for an hour while Beth went around consoling everyone.

The Walking Dead
An Emotional Time

9. Daryl’s crossbow: Norman Reedus takes Daryl’s crossbow to New York at the end of every season. As a result, he has a collection of crossbows back home at the end of every season. And the prop department is missing one!

 About Daryl's Crossbow On The Walking Dead
Another one gone!

 10. Pranking Pals: Reedus loves pranking his co-star Andrew Lincoln(Rick Grimes on the show). The two share a close relationship and spend a lot of time pranking each other. One of Reedus’ favorite pranks is running up a high tab on Lincoln’s hotel room.

Andrew Lincoln
Pranking Pals!

11. A Mean One!: At a publicity event in Japan, Reedus taught Andrew a phrase in Japanese. It was “where is the toilet” instead of “Thank you for having us in your beautiful country.” Reedus broke out laughing and told Andrew the truth (on air)! And, of course, Reedus heard his share of choice words from Andrew for that!

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln
The Prank War!

12. Back at you: Andrew decided to get back at Reedus for the prank in Japan. He sought the help of Nick Santonastasso, a superfan of The Walking Dead, who loves zombie pranks. Reedus was playing Candy Crush while waiting for an interview. In full zombie gear, Nick leaped out at Reedus from under a cart and scared him silly. Andrew was delighted, and Reedus was shocked.

The Walking Dead
A Prank On Norman Reedus!

13. Preparing for Daryl: Chris Chadwick asked Reedus some questions at the Comicon 2015 in San Diego. One of the questions was how he prepared for the role of Daryl. He answered that he listened to Motorheads and played CandyCrush. And please do note that his favourite emojis are the panda bear, red balloon, and the banana!

Norman Reedus
The simple pleasures.


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