Why Robert Pattinson Will Be A Damn Good Batman & DC Fans Need To Stop Hating On Him

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The Batman trailer has given us a final look at The Batman before the movie hits the big screens next year. As much as the new Batman trailer has everyone hyped up, hatred and fan backlash against Robert Pattinson as the Batman grows by leaps and bounds. We believe Robert Pattinson would do a wonderful job as the Dark Knight. Fans need to stop unnecessarily hating on the actor for doing his job. If you need to be convinced, then maybe this list will help clear the air. Here’s why we think Robert Pattinson would nail the role of the Batman in the new movie.


Robert Pattinson Has Acting Range Unlike Any Other Hollywood Star

Good Time (2017) Is One Of Pattinson’s Finest Works

Twilight was the highlight and downfall of his career and reputation. Being branded as part of those accursed movies made Pattinson look for really transformative, challenging roles. If you have seen any other Robert Pattinson movies after Twilight, you will concur that he has such an incredible spectrum of emotions and facial expressions. From independent movies to experimental films like The Lighthouse, Pattinson’s story is one of Hollywood’s greatest comeback tales. If The Lighthouse has become too much of a cliché example for Pattinson, we suggest you take a gander at 2017’s crime drama Good Time. Thanks us later!!

The Man Behind The Camera – Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves Is A Force Of Nature

Matt Reeves is a relatively new film-maker in the giant discipline that is Hollywood. But his work speaks for itself. Cloverfield was an experimental found footage, sci fi horror movie that spanned a whole new franchise that was as equally successful. War for the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are arguably some of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made in the 21st Century. It was made under Matt Reeves careful supervision. The director knows the game and how to reach the audience’s hearts, no matter the genre. Robert Pattinson is in good hands. His Batman will be dope.


A Crime Noir Driven Story – A First For Batman Movies

A Batman Story To Leave You In Awe

Christopher Nolan, for all his contributions to making the batman cool again with his Dark Knight trilogy, did one bad thing. He turned Batman from being the world’s greatest detective to a total showman. Batman was all about show business. It looked realistic but it was not at all comic book accurate. Snyder’s Batfleck came close when it came to action scenes but failed to hit the mark in other areas. For the first time, we are getting a movie about not just the Dark Knight but also the World’s Greatest Detective. There will be suspense, mystery, thrill, and a sense of dread that is found in every popular Batman comic book issue. Robert Pattinson will not be prancing around Gotham looking for fights. He will be solving crimes the old-fashioned way.

Robert Pattinson Has Shown An Ernest Desire To Improve

The Batman

Laugh all you want. But even the shame of Twilight is not enough to bring him down. After that debacle, Pattinson has moved heaven and earth to bring himself out of his comfort zone. He has been quite frank about his efforts to push the boundaries as well as his hatred for the Twilight movies. If you think Pattinson will never be a good Batman, just take a look at this video segment made by GQ where Pattinson plays a man trying to swerve past all the name and fame to get a hot dog in the middle of New York (not an easy task we would say):




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