Will Smith & His Sprawling Properties: From Luxury Mansions To Private Jets

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Will Smith has lived the American Dream. Every ounce of it. He has had an amazing career in Hollywood, made an astonishing amount of money, and has won several awards. All this success comes with some major perks. For instance, he can now slap people who displease him. (hehe!) Jokes aside, he has bought several things. From top-of-the-line cars, houses, jets, and even a basketball team. Smith has it all.


After all, the actor who has given such blockbusters like, Men in Black, Bad Boys, The Pursuit of Happiness, deserves the good things in life. With a net worth of over $350 million, he sure has a huge purse to shop with. Today, we take a look at the best material possessions the actor has.

1.Will Smith Owns A Basketball Team

Things will smith has
Will Smith

In 2011, Will Smith together with his wife, bought a part of the 76ers Basketball team from his hometown of Philadelphia. The amount of the transaction remains confidential, but it must be huge. A stake in a basketball team is so, so dope!


2. Car Collection

Things will smith has
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This list would have been incomplete without mentioning his car collection. We have seen Smith drive in style in awesome automobiles in films like MIB and I Robot, but in real life, he prefers classic cars. He is a prolific investor in timeless classic cars. His collection is quite impressive and has a Cadillac Escalade made in 1965, a Bentley Azure, and a red Ford Mustang convertible. If these weren’t enough, he also owns, a Mercedes Benz GL450, a Maybach 57s, and a Ford Taurus.

3. Motorhome

Things will smith has
Smith’s Motorhome

Mobile homes are usually small and cramped, but not the one owned by will smith. Smith splurged $2.5 million on a mobile home of 1200 sq. ft. It has a whopping, 14 TVs. Moreover, the total value of all the gadgets in it is together worth $125,000. It further has a full-fledged kitchen and a mobile makeup mirror. Talk about style!

4. His Dream Mansion

Things will smith has
Will Smith’s Mansion in California

Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have an awesome mansion in Calabasas, California. The 42 million dollar behemoth is so huge that it has its own zip code! It has a gold course, a basketball court, swimming pools, and even a lake. The interior of the house is lavishly furnished. It reportedly has a meditation lounge, a home theater, and other exotic amenities.


5. Will Smith Film Studio


Will Smith has been a part of countless blockbusters. With all this success and money, he took it to the next level and started his film studio. Going by the name, Overbrook Entertainment. The studio is behind big hits such as The Pursuit of Happiness, Karate Kid and I am Legend.

6. Will Smith Has A Charter Private Plane

Things will smith has
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Travel is not a hassle with Smith. He never flies economy, always opting for first-class seats, no matter the destination or flight time. So in 2011, for instance, he rented a private jet to fly the 50-minute flight from Dublin, Ireland to Manchester, UK. There was no first-class flight between the two cities, so the actor paid around 12 thousand dollars for the ride on the private plane. He reportedly flew with his wife and children.

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