With Ben Affleck No Longer in DCU, One Justice League Unlimited Superhero Reportedly Getting Solo Series Can be Batman’s Replacement

James Gunn has shown interest in the idea of The Question coming to the DCU

With Ben Affleck No Longer in DCU, One Justice League Unlimited Superhero Reportedly Getting Solo Series Can be Batman's Replacement


  • The DC Universe is undergoing a significant overhaul under James Gunn's leadership
  • A new series centered around the Justice League Unlimited character, The Question, could soon be announced soon
  • The Question is the alter ego of Vic Sage, an investigative reporter skilled in detective work and martial arts
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Under James Gunn’s leadership, the DC Universe is witnessing a significant overhaul, with the return of familiar characters and the arrival of new ones. With Gunn and Peter Safran spearheading operations, the franchise’s future for the next decade or so looks promising. Several upcoming projects are expected to be announced soon, and one of them could be a series centered around the Justice League Unlimited character, The Question.

The Question
The Question

Within the realm of unannounced projects, there’s a slight possibility that The Question will soon be joining the cinematic universe. As of now, the only confirmed film in the new DCU lineup is Superman: Legacy, which will hit the theaters in 2025. The new series could be crucial in running things till the studio finds a new Batman since Ben Affleck has opted out of DCU.

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New Series Centered Around The Question In Works

According to a reliable source, DCEUleaks, a TV show focusing on the adventures of The Question, is in its initial stages of development. The Question is the alter ego of Vic Sage, who acts as a vigilant defender of Hub City. As a civilian, Sage is an investigative reporter who is skilled in detective work and martial arts.

The Question
The Question

The character dons a mask to conceal his identity. The mask is made up of a fictional substance called pseudoderm. Sage’s character is motivated by his interest in philosophical significance, encouraging him to explore both Objectivism and Zen. In some of the interpretations, the character has also been depicted as a conspiracy theorist. He also mentors Renee Montoya, who later takes his position.

Montoya’s version of the character has already been introduced in the DCU in Birds of Prey. However, Vic Sage’s portrayal hasn’t been revealed yet. Initially appearing as a side character in the Blue Beetle comics, the superhero finally paved the way for his own comic book series and rose to fame as a fan favorite.


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James Gunn Flirting With The Idea Of The New Character

Previously, James Gunn liked a post about the superhero, The Question, coming to the DCU. Although both DC and Gunn have yet to make any official statements on the same, the prospect of the character coming to the cinematic universe remains open, particularly with announcements of several new films and TV shows. The tweet liked by Gunn highlighted the idea that a live-action adaptation of the character could impact the success of the DCU significantly. Now, it seems Gunn’s support of the post was his way of confirming a project centered on the character.

James Gunn
James Gunn

The CEO has also been actively rubbishing rumors, ensuring the fans are clear about what to expect. With several speculations making their way to social media, including movie cancellations and the departure of actors, Gunn has actively debunked several such reports.


Similarly, his support for the post and the new report hinting at The Question’s potential introduction in DCU could be great news for DC enthusiasts. This will not only give fans hope but also instill a sense of reassurance, readying them for what DCU might have for them in store.

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