Women’s March Organization Offers Full Support For Amber Heard’s Domestic Abuse Allegations Despite Court Ruling Heavily in Johnny Depp’s Favor

Women's March Organization Offers Full Support For Amber Heard
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The support for Amber Heard, although little in comparison to what thousands felt for Johnny Depp during and after the much-controversial defamation trial, has been growing as of late. Women’s March, a women-led movement, has also spoken in favor of the Aquaman alum. This is not however their first time doing so. Previously, a Twitter thread was made to highlight the nuances of misogyny and sexism that persist within our society.

Women's March
Women’s March

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With further elaboration, it was also detailed that the Internet believed Johnny Depp over Amber Heard due to such societal notions. Women’s March stated that “despite all the evidence of his [Johnny Depp’s] abuse,” nobody was willing to extend their sympathy for the 36-year-old actress. Now, once more, in light of the recent Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt controversy, the Twitter account for the movement mentioned Heard in a tweet that has garnered contention.


Women’s March Urges People To Support Amber Heard

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Two months back, when matters appeared to have reached a standstill, the aftermath and the consequences of the Depp v. Heard trial were brought back with full force when over 6,000 pages of court documents made their way into the public sphere. Several shocking revelations aided in the sudden flare-up of support for Heard. While such sentiments have been challenged by fans of Depp and others from the general audiences, one voice of support that remains the most vocal happens to be the Women’s March.

Recently, on October 5th, Women’s March took to Twitter, listed several famous female celebrities, and spoke up about how women who happen to be the survivors of or claimed to have survived domestic violence, should be believed instead of being “shamed” or “silenced”. One name on the list, that sparked an exasperated response, was Amber Heard.

Amber Heard portrays Mera in Aquaman

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Following is what the whole tweet stated:

“We believe Angelina Jolie, Amber Heard, FKA Twigs, Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, Evan Rachel Wood, and Rihanna. So often, #DV survivors are shamed & silenced. When a victim/survivor speaks out against their abuser, they deserve our support.”

The reason behind the negative reception to this statement, as pointed out by many fans, is owing to the defamation trial verdict that was heavily inclined in favor of Johnny Depp. The actor was granted $15 million after the jury had ruled in his favor. The amount was later reduced to $10.35 million. It was found out that Heard had defamed Depp three times in an infamous op-ed for The Washington Post. The court also substantiated that the actress had “acted with malice.”

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial
Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial

At the same time, Amber Heard’s counterclaim, in which she initially sought $100 million, was successful on one count of defamation. She was awarded only $2 million in compensatory damages. Beyond the verdict results, people also pointed out other flaws in the statements made by Women’s March.


The Reaction To The Tweet

Johnny Depp
Fans of Johnny Depp reacted to the tweet

While people criticized the tweet for including Heard’s name despite the infamous trial’s much-discussed verdict, others were particularly disturbed by the line-up of female celebrities who seemed to have been associated with the former. Several stated that in contrast to the Aquaman alum, most women mentioned in the tweet were not charged with being guilty of making “false claims.” Others affirmed how including Amber Heard in the list is watering down the experiences of “real victims.” 

In general, the tweet seems to have garnered immense disapproval. Take a look:


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New details and developments keep taking prominence in this legal fiasco. With Amber Heard pursuing an appeal to the defamation trial’s verdict, it is safe to say that the matter will not be put to rest anytime soon. What might be intriguing, instead, would be to see whether or not public opinion, which seems to strictly oppose the actress, will change in the slightest with the said appeal.


Only time can tell what other disturbing and gnarly revelations will make their way to the public.

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