Wonder Woman: New Alleged Details Leak Regarding Monolith’s Upcoming Game

Apparently, the game has features similar to a Sony exclusive.


  • The Wonder Woman game by Monolith is receiving quite some hype.
  • The game is most likely to be released next year or later.
  • Some details regarding the upcoming Wonder Woman game have been leaked by Nick Baker and Jon Clarke on the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast.
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The Wonder Woman game by Monolith is receiving some hype as it focuses on a female superhero in a video game, which is a rare sight to behold. Princess Diana from Themyscira has not had a solo game earlier. DC’s record of producing good movies has taken a hit after The Dark Knight Trilogy in cinema. The same goes for producing good games after The Arkham Trilogy.

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It is being speculated if the upcoming Wonder Woman title will be able to break the cycle and finally set things right for the comic book giant. Also, it has been confirmed by Warner Bros. that the game won’t be live service. It is good news because if past games have been any indication, live service games do not sit well with gamers. As of now, some details regarding the upcoming Wonder Woman game have been leaked by Nick Baker and Jon Clarke on the latest episode of the Xbox Era podcast.


What Xbox Era’s Shpeshal Nick Has to Say About Monolith’s Wonder Woman Game

Wonder Woman was a playable character in Injustice 2 and other DC video games before receiving her first standalone title.
Before receiving her first standalone title, Wonder Woman was a playable character in Injustice 2 and other DC video games.

Throughout Episode 187 of the Xbox Era podcast titled “Happy Thanksgiving, Xbawx…*tee hee*”” the hosts Nick “Sikamikanico” Baker and Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker welcomed content creator Patrick Maka on the podcast. When the show’s iconic segment “The Rumour Mill” was cued, it was emphasized multiple times by a transition screen and Nick himself that these were just rumors.

Nick also expressed his exasperation with many sites reporting the rumors he shared as factual information, which is never the case. After disclaiming and letting people know about all this, this is what Nick had to say about Monolith’s latest project:


…It’s funny because I got this DM roughly around the time the controversy was kicking up around Wonder Woman. And everyone was like, woah, rumor’s out, Wonder Woman’s going to be Live Service, Games as a service.

Sharing the rumour, Nick Stated that:

At the moment what I am hearing about Wonder Woman that it is currently 30 frames [per second] …but they are pushing for a performance mode to be there as Gotham Knights did not have a performance mode…

Nick also stated that the game will be similar to Gotham Knights in terms of visuals, but Wonder Woman, a newer game, will probably be better-looking. Nick also shared that in the upcoming title, you play as the lasso-wielding demigoddess defeating mobs, minibosses, and bosses, which is similar to Gotham Knights when one thinks about it. There are also looting elements involved in the game.


Further talking about the drops that the player will reportedly receive in the game after defeating enemies and bosses, Nick Stated:

The loot is boot, braces, like torso stuff with stats. So sounds similar to God of War almost, like Ragnarök has that…

There were also mentions of an invisible jet in the game to facilitate fast travel. This led to some banter between the hosts and Patrick, the guest on the episode. Traversal mechanics like jumping, leaping, and fast dashing, which were reportedly snappy, were also mentioned. Nick’s source even allegedly bashed Crackdown, an Xbox exclusive, which did poorly.

A snapshot from Wonder Woman's Game Announcement Teaser.
A snapshot from Wonder Woman’s Game Announcement Teaser.

Also, some of the game’s mechanics, like The Lasso Of Truth, were discussed, and the source praised the game for them. They were suggested to be similar to Spider-Man’s web shooters. One can even wrap it around enemies and slam them using it.

One of the things that can be accomplished using The Lasso of Truth is making individuals tell the truth when questioned. Nick also wondered if the same mechanic would appear in the Wonder Woman video game. It is reiterated that these are mere rumors for the game and should be taken with a tablespoon of salt until an official reveal of the gaPodcastchanics, setting, gameplay elements, etc. After that, the Podcast discussed that all this fortifies that the game is a single-player podcast, not a game as a service title. One can listen to the podcast in its entirety here.


While there is no announcement or revelation about the game apart from an Announcement teaser shared one year ago, it is still uncertain what the game will offer regarding value. For now, one can check the Game Announcement Teaser uploaded on Warner Bros. Game’s channel.

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