X-Men: 10 Coolest Deadpool Costumes [Ranked]

Deadpool has had a lot of different looks over the years. Here are his best looks ranked from across the comics and movies.

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Even in the direst of circumstances, Deadpool finds it hard to keep quiet. He has had a history of times when he justified why he’s known as the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool’s known to speak his mind without any filter and make all sorts of puns even when he is slicing the throats of other people. He originated from the pages of X-Force and became one of the most successful characters of the Marvel Comics. Deadpool’s tendency to break the fourth wall and incessantly run commentary and sarcastic statements are the sole reasons for his extensive popularity.


Deadpool has experimented with multiple looks of his old red and black suit over the years. Let’s begin our raid of Deadpool’s closet and pull out the action gear that suited the anti-hero the most. From the last to the top, here are our picks:

10) Pirate Deadpool


Even though he made an official appearance just once in the comic Deadpool Vol 2 #14, the cocky anti-hero won hearts from his classy attire of pirate hat and cloak. So much so that recently, the American multinational toy company made an action figure of him. This was however not his only time taking over a pirate ship. In a two-issue mini-series titled Hulked Out Heroes released in 2010, Deadpool does time travel and ventures out with his pal Ben Grimm to become pirates.

9) Fantastic Four return suit

After the Secret Wars crossover event, The Fantastic Four remained absent from the Marvel Universe for a prolonged time. The squad returned to comics in Fantastic Four #1 2018 and Wade Wilson was one character who welcomed them back in Spider-Man/Deadpool #49. Deadpool sported his basic red and black color costume but added brown-leather shoulder pads connected by a strap across his chest that gives his costume a quirk.


8) X-Men suit

In one of Deadpool’s solo comics, he is seen wearing what is perhaps least expected of him to put on, the X-Men training costume. Deadpool is said to have put in serious efforts to gel with the X-Men and work alongside. In Deadpool Vol 2 #17, Deadpool is seen wearing the classic black and yellow training costume of the X-Men with huge ‘X-Men’ stitched across the chest portion of the costume.

7) Blue Deadpool


Once on the Earth 616, the X-men go after Cable for making his own country and becoming a messiah bent on stopping crime and violence. In the edition titled Deadpool and Cable, Wade Wilson for the first time sports a classic looking blue and yellow X-Men costume when he joins the X Men to go against Cable in his paradise island.

6) X-Force Suit

He initially hated the X-Force but later joined hands with them on their missions. When Deadpool joined the X-Force, he ditches his classic black and red attire and wears a version of his costume using the black and white color palette of the team. His suit was complete with a dark red X belt buckle attached to his torso. In Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson sports the Black and white costume towards the end of the movie after he gets detonated in combat.


5) First Suit

Designed by his friend Weasel, Wade Wilson wore his first and foremost suit when he appeared as Deadpool in 1991’s The New Mutants #98 comic. He wears a red and black full-body tactical costume in order to cover the cancer scars that cover his entire body. Weisel who made his first suit was a weapon designer and an arms dealer who designed most of Deadpool’s equipment. His suit later in the comics went through multiple transitions with the black portion of the costume transmuting every now and then.

4) The Weapon X suit


When Deadpool participated in Stryker’s secret government genetic research program in the early 2000s, he sported a new suit which basically inverted the colors of his popular costume. The black elements basically became orange and the red elements turned black. The red patches on his mask were however slightly bigger and he sported a grey belt and pockets to carry his weapons. With rolled sleeves and jacked arms, Deadpool looked badass in this outfit which also got fans comparing him to his DC equivalent Slade Wilson alias Deathstroke.

3) The Ultimate Deadpool

This version of Deadpool appeared in the Ultimate Comics universe which was set on Earth 1610. On this planet, Wadey Wilson happens to be a human instead of a mutant. The Ultimate Deadpool aims at killing all existing mutants. With a more black color to his outfit, the mask also has an alteration as it’s a little different from the usual domino design. Even if Deadpool never steps his foot on Earth 1610, this version of the suit wouldn’t be a bad addition to the character’s live-action presence.


2) Cable and Deadpool Comics Suit

Deadpool might probably have worn his finest suit in the Cable & Deadpool comics. In this new variant of his costume, he added a red circular clasp on his chest. It was also for the first time when he wore his red badge belt buckle which later became a trademark in all his future outfits. The Cable and Deadpool comics launched in 2004 earned Deadpool a devoted fanbase and proved that it’s only Cable in the entire Marvel Universe who could handle the Merc With a Mouth with ease.

1) The movie Suit


The suitable physique of Ryan Reynolds makes the film version of Deadpool’s suit our number one pick. It did take the main influence from the classic comic suit of course and brought it to life on the big screen. Even the hideous facial makeup on Ryan Reynolds was done just perfectly to make it look straight out of the comics. The comics have showcased varied suits with different structures to Wade Wilson’s body. Some appeared girthy while some were too scrawny. But the film version of his suit was just perfect!

Make sure to let us know in the comments below which Deadpool suit you would like to see translated to his live-action movie.

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