“Coming very soon…”: Xbox Announces a Feature that PlayStation Fans Have Been Begging Years For

A long awaited feature is finally coming.

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  • Xbox VP Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that the brand is working on dynamic themes for the consoles.
  • This was mentioned in the replies to a post about Hellblade 2, which is about to be released.
  • Since the PS3's release, PlayStation has included this feature on all of its consoles, except for the PS5, which added it a month ago. Fans of the Microsoft console frequently inquire about it.
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With a very complicated Xbox about to end, according to the brand’s VP, Aaron Greenberg, a long-delayed feature will be available for the consoles very soon. A recent post on X, which promoted certain aspects of Hellblade 2, raised questions about the dynamic themes in Series X/S, prompting Greenberg’s response. 


This feature was available on the PlayStation consoles a long time ago, except for the PS5, which was added just a month ago, but the competition’s users have been asking for it from the beginning. Greenberg didn’t specify when this new customization option would be available.

Xbox Will Finally Add a Feature That PlayStation Has Had Since the Beginning

Xbox Dynamic Themes could finally be coming, like on the PlayStation.
Xbox Dynamic Themes could finally be coming, like on the PlayStation.

Fans have been longing for this feature since the consoles launched. Apparently, Xbox VP Aaron Greenberg has finally commented that this option will be available soon. Dynamic themes are a feature that players really enjoy as part of every platform’s UI. Microsoft has a lot of fans who have asked for this. According to Greenberg, Microsoft will add this customization option very soon.


The Vice President mentioned this in a post, not only to promote the upcoming release of Hellblade 2, but also to provide users with a Series S and X background featuring the protagonist’s face. As for the PlayStation 5, it added this feature only one month ago.

While the PS3 and PS4 have had this almost since the console launch, fans are eager to see what the final result of this addition will be.


The Xbox Dynamic Themes Are Closer Than Ever

Xbox Dynamic Themes are coming very soon, according to Xbox's VP, Aaron Greenberg.
Xbox Dynamic Themes are coming very soon, according to Xbox’s VP, Aaron Greenberg.

Greenberg was very clear with his reply asking for this feature; he said “very soon” in all caps, emphasizing that the Series S and X will add this possibility in no time. The themes for these platforms are very amazing; the color schemes are well displayed, taking advantage of every space and the whole background with amazing looks, which makes the UI of the hardware astonishing.

The upcoming launch of Hellblade 2 is making Microsoft really promote this title as one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Some rumors suggest that Ninja Theory will also launch this game on PS5 at some point. This game, like every exclusive title on the platform, will be available on Game Pass on Day 1. Even after several losses, Microsoft keeps betting on this strategy for the more popular releases.

Microsoft is having trouble understanding their own audience, with many weird and simply bad decisions like closing down four studios out of nowhere, one of them being Tango Gameworks, that have just released the popular and successful Hi-Fi Rush. There are also rumors about the company increasing the price of the Game Pass and considering putting more exclusive titles on PS5, but there has been no confirmation.


What are your thoughts on adding dynamic themes? Let us know in the comments!


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