New Rumor Suggests Two Critically Acclaimed Xbox Exclusives Will be the First to Jump Ship and Join the PlayStation Library

Tomorrow will set the future for a new era for Xbox.

New Rumor Suggests Two Critically Acclaimed Xbox Exclusives Will be the First to Jump Ship and Join the PlayStation Library


  • Rumors spread about some Xbox exclusive games being launched on other platforms, like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.
  • According to several sources, the first two games to make this transition will be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment.
  • Tomorrow, a special edition of the Xbox Podcast will talk about the future of the brand. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. Sarah Bond, CEO of Xbox, and Matt Booty, head of content, will join Spencer on the podcast.
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After many rumors and leaks, fans will finally know what Microsoft is deciding to do with the Xbox brand. It looks like the first game launching on other platforms will be Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush. This new possible route that Xbox will take is mostly because of the bad sales on consoles and the Game Pass model; it’s not enough to make the brand profitable. So the exclusive games within the Xbox ecosystem will begin to be released on other platforms, according to rumors.


Some Xbox games will be available on other platforms

Hi-Fi Rush could not be exclusive anymore
Hi-Fi Rush could not be exclusive anymore

The possibility of Xbox games going onto other platforms keeps sounding strong, according to many rumors. Some sources, like The Verge, are confirming that numerous titles will begin this transition to other platforms. The first two titles to make the jump have already been selected. Apparently, Hi-Fi Rush and the indie game Pentiment will be the first to launch on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft and Xbox have the goal of reaching 100 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers by 2030; at the time, they had approximately 25 million subscribers. It all points out that Microsoft is aiming to make more games that will sell on all platforms to make more profit from the giant army of game studios that they purchased. Other titles that have been in the Xbox ecosystem for the longest time will also be launched on other platforms.


Xbox and a race to profit, no matter the way

Pentiment could be one of the first game in going to other platforms

Some fans are not happy with these decisions, but Microsoft seems to be very convinced about these business moves. Another rumored game that won’t be exclusive anymore is Sea of Thieves, the online pirate game that was a mild success for Xbox. These rumors have a lot of weight and logic in them. Xbox Exclusive titles did not have the reception that the brand was hoping for, and since the launch of the console, many of these titles have not been very successful, like Halo Infinite or other titles.

A lot of content was leaked thanks to the FTC vs. Microsoft trial, and the Xbox numbers were not the best in comparison with Nintendo or PlayStation. So Microsoft is really aiming to change the strategy and make the Xbox brand much more profitable, no matter the cost or the fans’ loyalty. Tomorrow, in the Xbox Podcast, the future of gaming could change forever.

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