“Keep the faith”: Xbox Fans Are Scoffing At the Pointless Advice That Former Blizzard President Mike Ybarra Is Offering After Defending Phil Spencer

Fans scoff at Mike Ybarra's feeble attempt at defending Phil Spencer.

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  • Mike Ybarra took to X to showcase his support for Phil Spencer, and fans let him know that they didn't care for it.
  • He faced a flurry of backlash after he defended Phil Spencer, especially considering the fact that his company closed down popular game development studios.
  • With Microsoft Gaming launching its new store, the future of the Xbox ecosystem appears as bleak as ever.
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Microsoft and Xbox Gaming CEO Phil Spencer found an ally in Mike Ybarra, as the former Activision Blizzard President released a lengthy post on X to defend him regarding the ongoing controversy at Xbox. However, the reactions to the post suggest that fans are far from satisfied with the pointless advice that Mike Ybarra is peddling.


Previously, Tango Gameworks of Hi-Fi Rush fame and Arkane Austin of Dishonored fame were two of the many game development studios that were shut down. Microsoft Gaming previously acquired these studios for ‘bolstering their game development process’.

With many people left jobless by these ruthless cuts, fans demand reasoning from Phil Spencer, and by the looks of it, neither the Xbox CEO nor Sarah Bond, President of Xbox, have anything to say of value.


Mike Ybarra’s Ill-Fated Attempt at Defending Phil Spencer

Mike Ybarra tried to defend Phil Spencer, but in vain.
Mike Ybarra tried to defend Phil Spencer, but in vain.

Mike Ybarra, who had worked as a VP at Microsoft apart from being the President of Activision Blizzard, decided to pen a long post on X in support of Phil Spencer.

However, people weren’t having any of it, as they went ballistic against him instead. With close to two thousand people losing their jobs, tensions are running high. And Ybarra’s post sparked debates.


Mike took his time to defend his post to some, as he reiterated that he was just offering an insight into the human being that Phil Spencer is instead of just looking at him as the CEO who cost people their careers.

But it is hard not to vilify the hand that pulled the trigger. And being the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Phil.


More fans started to join the conversation as the obvious flaws in the actions began to be laid bare. The simple reason of Phil Spencer still having a job was deemed to be reason enough by fans to not feel a shred of compassion towards the man.

And rightly so, as this is the same person who had previously promised big things in the Xbox Direct held on January 18th, 2024. Four months down the line, the same person closing down historically successful studios is reason enough for fans to get tired of the Microsoft Gaming leadership.


While some fans took their time to explain to Mike Ybarra why his compassion was misplaced with his friend, some fans just didn’t care for niceties. These two accounts just blatantly said what most of the fans felt after reading Mike’s lengthy post.

What Is in Store for Xbox in the Future?

Fans are confused regarding the direction Xbox is heading.
Fans are confused regarding the direction Xbox is heading.

The future looks bleak for Xbox right now, with fans and developers both left feeling discontent after the latest cuts. While Xbox tries shipping its brand new store, fans are left wondering what would happen to their beloved ecosystem.

The console war is a thing of the past, as Xbox fans are left wondering whether their ecosystem is going to survive the rampant changes that are being hurtled its way.


Considering the dominance of Microsoft Gaming at Xbox, it is hard to envision a future that is conducive to the community.

What do you think of Mike Ybarra’s defense of Phil Spencer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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