“Y’all threw your Xbox’s in the trash for that?”: Xbox Superfans and Casuals Alike are Mocking Those that Abandoned the Xbox Ship so Quickly

Games matter more to Microsoft than an Xbox or PlayStation.

Y’all threw your Xbox’s in the trash for that?”: Xbox Superfans and Casuals Alike are Mocking Those that Abandoned the Xbox Ship so Quickly


  • Xbox seems to be planning for a new console release with even bigger and better hardware.
  • Only four games will be going multi-platform according to Phil Spencer.
  • Indiana Jones and Starfield will not be the part of games going multiplatform.
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It’s a new world for Xbox as far as the latest insights from Microsoft executives Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty are concerned. Many fans don’t feel like staying in this new world though. Some even feel like abandoning the console because a few games are reportedly going multi-platform. It isn’t official yet, but they believe they know what games will be on the list.


President Sarah Bond said that Microsoft is focused onthe largest technical leap” in a hardware generation. This might point towards a potential development of a new console. However, it appears several gamers have no interest in what might be the hidden details, if the company has decided to expand its reach by joining hands with other platforms.

Is This Just a Strategy by Xbox That Users Can’t See?

Many users are thinking of abandoning Xbox.
Many users are thinking of abandoning Xbox.

Not exactly a ‘boycott Xbox’ campaign, but users on social media platform X are engaged in a heated debate over abandoning the console. However, not everyone is thinking like that. A user dubbed Danno writes:


So 4 small/old games (unofficially Grounded, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi) are being ported from Xbox to PlayStation and Nintendo.

Y’all threw your Xbox’s in the trash for that? While i get that it can lead to the flood gates opening later, for right now this is meh to me. Take a deep breath people

The ones supporting the platform believe Microsoft isn’t stopping at four games. Another user called KidSmoove shares this feeling, and so does a user dubbed Jez. Although Xbox head Phil Spencer did not say anything about more games going multi-platform during the recent podcast.

Some users appear to have lost hope over the platform. |Adapt| wrote:

Dear xbox fans it’s time to abandon the xbox platform and get your hands on a ps5 and PC. Or maybe just go all in on PC. Sony and Microsoft can’t be trusted.

Another user who went by the name, XboxSX89, changed the username to GamerPC89 to showcase his new love for PC. Something similar to what Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) did to showcase their interest in the metaverse, which appears to have gone down the drain.


Quality Content Will Matter More in Days to Come

Cloud gaming could suppress console wars for good.
Cloud gaming could suppress the console wars for good.

The fact that Xbox might be extending its reach by making games multi-platform is something that serves Phil Spencer’s goal, the long-term health of the community, and the platform itself.

BBC’s Zoe Kleinman writes about her son who plays Minecraft that “He doesn’t care who owns the game and he has no brand loyalty to a particular device.

It is true when it comes to gamers, they are there for quality content, and experience. Phil believesgames that are exclusive to one piece of hardware, are going to be a smaller and smaller part of the gaming industry.”


Cloud gaming or gaming on demand is one of the aspects that will allow more users to play games despite the type of device they are holding. Considering this, Microsoft’s gaming division seems to have been following what appears to be a beneficial path.

What do you think about Xbox’s exclusivity? Does it make you want to abandon the console? Let us know in the comments.


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