“Yeah… Until you f—k my wife”: Seth Rogen Was Scared and Confused Due To ‘The Batman’ Star’s Wild Threat

Seth Rogen was heavily confused because of Paul Dano's comments that he could not understand

“Yeah… Until you f—k my wife”: Seth Rogen Was Scared and Confused Due To ‘The Batman’ Star’s Wild Threat


  • Seth Rogen is one of those people who have an amazing sense of humor, and catching him off-guard with a joke is rare
  • The actor once faced a similar situation with Paul Dano, where the Dahmer actor stated that the two would be great till he slept with his wife
  • Rogen was confused by the sudden allegations but only after reading the script did he get the context of the joke
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Seth Rogen is a man with a great sense of humor. So to confuse him with a joke perhaps may be a great feat many deem unachievable. The Fablemans and This is the End are only a few of his greatest movies. Out of the various movies that he has done together with other celebrities, it was his time with Paul Dano that really stood out to Rogen.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

The Batman star and Rogen had one of the most weird and memorable first interactions anyone can ever imagine. The actor had done various roles but none frightened him in the most hilarious manner the way Paul Dano’s The Fablemans did. So the first time he interacted with the actor left him both aloof and dumbfounded.

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Seth Rogen Got Threatened by Paul Dano

Paul Dano and Seth Rogen met up during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live where Dano revealed the first text he ever sent Rogen. When they both got offered Steven Spielberg’s The Fablemans, Rogen went ahead and texted Dano about how it was great that the two of them got to collaborate.

Paul Dano as Riddler
Paul Dano as Riddler

“When we got the job, Seth texted me saying, ‘This is so exciting that we get to work together.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, until you f*ck my wife.'” 

What was truly surprising was the comment that the actor got back. The Batman star replied by stating that things between the two were only great until the Superbad star slept with his wife. Needless to say, Rogen was extremely confused regarding the matter because he could not understand why the accusation was being put on him. Lucky for him, he got the answer soon after.

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Seth Rogen was Hilariously Confused

Seth Rogen revealed during Jimmy Kimmel Live that he found himself in a very awkward and confused position after he could not understand Paul Dano’s remark. At first, it seemed both odd and completely and utterly out of the blue. That was until Rogen read the script of The Fablemans. It was only then that clarity came to him.

Paul Dano FandomWire
Paul Dano

“I hadn’t read the script. I had only been offered the role so I was really confused honestly. But then I as relieved.”

Once Rogen found out the truth, he could take a sigh of relief. The actor was finally able to breathe again after he understood just what Dano had meant.

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