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You Season 3: 20 Hilariously Epic Reactions To Bring Out The Creep In You

After the arrival of You season3 on Netflix, the last couple of days have been an absolute whirlwind. There’s something entertaining about the murderous couple, Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. YOU is always full of spine-tingling revelations. And in the new season, their super complicated life in the suburbs got super bloody super fast. Since the response has been overflowing and the whole internet seems to be taken over with YOU memes, we also thought of picking out 19 hilariously epic reactions to bring out the creep in you. Let’s get on with it. LOL.

Spoiler Alert.

That is the only way for Joe Goldberg y’all.


Cheers to their ‘fresh start.’


Hahaha! Yeah obviously. The therapist is in so much trouble now.


One more with the therapist, because we just can’t have enough of these.


Joe has become a father now. He tried to change himself for his son (Henry) but that is Joe Goldberg’s son folks. He refused Joe.

The equation of the couple matches on a spiritual level. Oh, never mind.


Couple therapy will never work for you guys. Sorry to throw it into your face. Please get over it guys.

This episode was so much fun to watch as the facial expressions of Joe and Love constantly changed while talking to their shrink. Lmao!

Throughout the season whenever Joe made up his mind that he needed to change, Love interrupted. (Obviously with a murder) OMG!


The audiences of YOU are obsessed with Penn Badgedly as Joe. But the current obsession with Theo is unbelievable. Dylan Arnold is the current obsession of the viewers and honestly, Theo is adorable.

Just like other seasons, Joe becomes obsessed with a girl in this season too. That’s our classic, Joe Goldberg.


It’s hard to believe that Joe always had a cover story for the murders he attempted. At the same time, Love just went for it without thinking about the backstory. Pretty impulsive but Joe has got it covered. XD


Tbh the couple had a very disturbing relationship throughout the 3rd season of YOU.


Love Quinn is the person who caused all the chaos during the 3rd season of YOU. After murdering someone, she started screaming which apparently made no sense. It was a dumb move Love.


And what is the feature that makes Joe wonder that every single person he becomes obsessed with will flirt with him as well? We mean bonk! Yeah. Off YOU go!


Here presenting Love Quinn and her character’s classic arcs. She is usually so awesome but sometimes murders people with her bare hands.

We can’t imagine a crime scene without thinking of Joe’s iconic hat.


Henry seemed to really dislike his father aka the psychopathic serial killer who’s obsessed with complicated people.


The ending was completely unbelievable. As all of us can’t get enough of season 3 and we are still binging it all over again cause honestly there are a lot of facts to unpack yet again. But Hey YOU, don’t worry Joe will be back soon.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the new season of YOU. It has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  See YOU in season 4.

So that was pretty much for the new season of YOU. These are the funniest rather creepiest posts that are spiraling all over social media. Tell us your thoughts as well.

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