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‘You’re supporting that narrative’: The Woman King Star Viola Davis Says Fans Who Don’t See Her Movie Believe ‘Black women can’t lead the box office’

The Woman King Star Viola Davis

The Woman King is an upcoming fictionalized version of the 1823 revolt of Dahomey which dealt with issues like the slave trade. Viola Davis, known for portraying the role of Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad (2016) will be helming the project as its lead actress and she had some ‘unique’ perspectives about the people that will not be seen in the upcoming film.

Calling it a way of supporting racism, Viola Davis further stated that they are supporting the narrative of black women being unable to lead the box office.

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Viola Davis shines as Nanisca in The Woman King (2022).
Viola Davis shines as Nanisca in The Woman King (2022).

Viola Davis Wants The Film To Be More Than A ‘Moment’

Talking to Tyrone Edwards, the co-host of the talk show eTalk, the lead actress spoke about the film being more than a ‘moment’ for the world, and comparisons to Black Panther (2019) were also made on the basis of racial diversity and the amount of audience that both the films can gather.

The Woman King consists of an all-black cast.
The Woman King consists of an all-black cast.

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When Tyrone Edwards asked Viola Davis about what her thoughts on the film were and how the people can avoid this movie being more than a ‘moment’, here’s what she had to say: –

“But here’s the thing I’m going to add to that: It will just be a moment if people don’t come to see the movie. Okay? Because you’re sending a very clear message to a machine called Hollywood…Hollywood is interested in green. It just is, it is what I do, so if you don’t come see it then you’re sending a message that black women cannot lead the box office globally.”

The Widows actress further continued about how the people should see this film normally as if they went to see Iron Man, or, Spider-Man.

“You are supporting that narrative. And if you want to normalize it, come see the same way you would Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, any other movie that doesn’t have any of us in it, or one or two of us in it.”

Viola Davis is a popular star with many movies and series to her name. The early reviews of The Woman King give the film a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 78% score on Metacritic.

Viola Davis Is One Among Many Facing Racial Issues

Viola Davis is most notably known for her role as Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad franchise.
Viola Davis is most notably known for her role as Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad franchise.

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During the recent revelation of the official teaser of The Little Mermaid which is an upcoming live-action remake movie, many people were displeased that the role of Ariel was to be played by Halle Bailey, a non-white American singer. Halle Bailey is one of the many people suffering backlash and racism. The news of Viola Davis also urging the people to support the anti-racism narrative and breaking the stereotype of people of color being unable to hold the #1 box office spot also adds to the above controversies.

The Woman King tells the story of General Nansisca amidst the kingdom of Dahomey in the year 1823 wherein, a revolt took place against slavery. The film is to be released on 16th September 2022 in theaters in the US.

Source: Bounding Into Comics

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