Yu Yu Hakusho Stars Were So Dedicated They’d Wait for 40 Minutes Just to Get the Lighting Right

Revealed in the Netflix Asia's YouTube video, the cast members would wait up to 40 minutes to get perfect lighting.

Yu Yu Hakusho Stars Were So Dedicated They'd Wait for 40 Minutes Just to Get the Lighting Right


  • The trailer for Netflix's Yu Yu Hakusho dropped on December 6, 2023.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho is set to release on December 14, 2023.
  • The cast members worked extremely hard on the project in order to make it successful.
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2023 has been a year where live-actions have received very positive reviews from the fans. With the announcement of Yu Yu Hakusho coming to the big screens, fans were dicey about how well the series would turn out, but after watching it, they changed their opinion.

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yusuke urameshi in netflix's yu yu hakusho live action
Yusuke Urameshi in Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action

Netflix Asia published a YouTube video where we got to see the thoughts of the people involved in the production of the series, and it was revealed that the entire team would wait for more than 40 minutes just so they could get good lighting, which would enhance the action scene depicting their dedication to their work.


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Yu Yu Hakusho actors and staff would wait for 40 minutes to get good lighting

Live actions have always been a failure, and fans have gradually, over the years, lost their expectations of them until One Piece came and changed the entire game.


One of the reasons for the success of One Piece live action would be the hard-working cast, who gave it their all.

This seems to be the case with Yu Yu Hakusho actors, who would wait up to 40 minutes to get the lighting in the perfect position.

Characters in Yu Yu Hakusho.
Characters in Yu Yu Hakusho.

Shuhei Uesugi, who will be portraying the iconic character of Kazuma Kuwabara in the upcoming live-action and who has also been a part of popular movies such as Underdog and My Boyfriend in Orange, said in the YouTube video:

We’d be like, “We want to do this and that.” Sometimes we’d have to wait for 40 minutes to set the lightning.

We’d just all wait there and it made such a great picture.

All the actors and staff involved have worked extremely hard on this project in order for it to succeed, and from the trailer released, the show seems quite promising.


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Expectations from Yu Yu Hakusho due to the recent success of One Piece live-action

The ground-breaking success of One Piece live-action has set new expectations for any upcoming anime adaptations.


One Piece live-action broke the live-action curse and even went on to achieve ground-breaking success, breaking several records.

Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Live-Action
Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece Live-Action

The series was one of the five most trending shows worldwide in 2023, and fans are inquisitive to see how Yu Yu Hakusho would pale up against One Piece.


From the trailer for Yu Yu Hakusho, the series seems quite promising and looks faithful to the source material.

Straying away from the original manga has proven to be a fatal mistake and the reason for performing terribly at the box office for live actions throughout the years.


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