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Zack Snyder Hinted Henry Cavill’s Superman is DC’s Version of Jesus: “It’s easier to evoke those things through imagery”

Zack Snyder connected Superman's story to Jesus Christ!

zack snyder hinted henry cavill's superman is dc's version of jesus


  • Zack Snyder, the director known for evoking emotions in his Hollywood career, has often been misunderstood.
  • However, he has created iconic imagery and visuals throughout the years.
  • Snyder has intentionally included nods and references to Christianity in his DC movies, with Superman representing his own version of Jesus.

Zack Snyder has been an evoker of emotions throughout his Hollywood career. With a penchant for placing emotions between the lines, the director has often been misunderstood. But that hasn’t stopped the director from creating several iconic imagery and visuals over the years.

Talking about how there are several nods and references to Christianity throughout his DC movies, Snyder affirmed that he indeed put them intentionally. Stating that the role of Superman has some nods to Christianity, Snyder insinuated that he created his own version of Jesus.

Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder on the sets of Man of Steel
Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder on the sets of Man of Steel

Zack Snyder Depicted Henry Cavill As DC’s Own Version of Jesus

With subtle hints of Christianity, the director has often found himself having philosophical talks with his fans. In an interview with The Guardian, Zack Snyder talked about how the idea of Christianity is made prevalent through several of his DC characters.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder Behind the Scenes of Justice League

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When a fan asked Snyder about how the director includes a lot of references to Christianity, Snyder affirmed that the nod was indeed intentional. Stating that Superman’s story resembles the story of Jesus Christ, Snyder talked about how Superman also went through his death and then a rebirth.

“Yeah. I think the philosophical Christian identity of the west lives a lot through those DC characters. Superman personifies a lot of those same qualities we see in the mythological story of Christ, in his death and rebirth. Sometimes, it’s easier to evoke those things through imagery.”

The director further talked about how he and screenwriter Chris Terrio had to be careful about superimposing Batman and Superman within the norms of society. The movie was after all called Justice League and as per director Zack Snyder “not called the Fascist League”.

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Justice League Is Not The Fascist League

Zack Snyder in DC
Zack Snyder in DC. Source: Warner Bros/courtesy Everett C

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As the questions further progressed, Snyder talked about how there is a gray area for the superheroes in his movies. Although heroes are expected to be all good, Zack Snyder feels that there should be some flaws in society reflected through the heroes.

“[Screenwriter] Chris Terrio and I talked a lot about how we superimposed Batman and Superman on society. We tried not to be judgmental in our morality, because that’s dangerous. When you strike a position and don’t have another perspective on the same event, it can be a slippery slope.”

He further continued,

“Because people go into a movie like Justice League on the side of the Justice League. You tend to feel they’re right. They’re not called the Fascist League.”

With several movies and accolades to his name, Snyder is preparing himself for the release of his upcoming magnum opus Rebel Moon. The movie is a Star Wars-inspired space opera and is in ties with Netflix to be one of the biggest movies that Snyder has created. The film is slated for a release date of 15th December 2023 on Netflix around the world.

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