1 Peak Daredevil Vs. Bullseye Fight Scene From the Netflix Series Leads To Weird Demands as ‘Born Again’ Brings Back Fan-Favorite Villain

After the announcement of Bullseye being a part of Daredevil: Born Again, fans have been wanting to see his character use unconventional things to kill people

1 Peak Daredevil Vs. Bullseye Fight Scene From the Netflix Series Leads To Weird Demands as ‘Born Again’ Brings Back Fan-Favorite Villain


  • Bullseye's character was certainly unforgettable in Daredevil, which is why fans are extremely excited for his entry back into this universe through Daredevil: Born Again.
  • This has also led them to come up with theories of what his character could do with his abilities when he comes back.
  • One fan want to see him use his own tooth to kill someone.
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Netflix’s Daredevil series has gained a reputation for being one of, if not the best, Marvel show. This is not only because it is a good adaptation of a beloved character, but because it is a good show. On top of having a cast full of actors who understand their characters, the cinematography, writing, and pacing are what helped it turn into the masterpiece it is, with the only thing negative about it being its untimely end.


The one thing that fans have hoped for is the reboot, Daredevil: Born Again, can match the standard that the original series set for its audience.

Daredevil: Born Again is set to release sometime next year on Disney+

One by one, additions to the cast have been announced that have made fans ecstatic, with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson reuniting with Matt Murdock in this new series. The most recent addition seems to be that of one of the most memorable parts of the series, Bullseye, played by Wilson Bethel. With this, fans cannot help but appreciate the Netflix series for what they did with him, wanting to see something from the comics about this character done by his live-action self.


Bullseye In Daredevil Was Perfectly Adapted

Bullseye’s character was certainly unforgettable in Daredevil. On top of stealing the identity of Matt Murdock as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but also pushed him to his very limits. Not only kicking him down physically but nearly forcing him to go against his morals. His abilities as a character were truly showcased in a way that made the audience concerned about Murdock’s safety whenever something was thrown at him.

Recently, a fan, RedLReviews on X, spoke exactly on this, talking about how easily the show’s creators could have made his character seem insignificant.

Wilson Bethel's Bullseye impersonated Daredevil to put him in a bad light
Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye impersonated Daredevil

Being a master marksman, Bullseye, better known as Benjamin Poindexter, possesses the near-inhuman ability to throw any object with deadly precision. The fan mentioned that this ability could have very simply been undersold in the show, with him being only given knives, stars, and darts to throw at his enemies. However, the creators choose a different route.

Bullseye in Daredevil
Bullseye in Daredevil

Poindexter can throw virtually anything at his opponent and kill them without even wielding a weapon. In the series, he was seen throwing things ranging from broken glass from a chandelier to rosary beads. So much so that Murdock’s character is at a very great disadvantage whenever Bullseye manages to gain some distance between them.

Fans Want To See Bullseye Get Inspired From The Daredevil Comics

The level of precision and threat that Bullseye is in the Daredevil series is true to the comics, which prompted fans to wonder what they would like to see adapted from the source material into the new reboot. A fan mentioned that one specific move of this character would perfectly work in the series. First seen in Captain America #372, Bullseye has frequently used his own teeth as weapons, spitting out his tooth so fast that it works as well as a bullet in killing his opponents.

Daredevil's main antagonist, Bullseye
Daredevil’s main antagonist, Bullseye


Some fans added that the Netflix series never shied away from their source material, proudly adapting it to the best of their capacities and making it work seamlessly. They hope for this to stay consistent with Daredevil: Born Again when Wilson Bethel returns to play this character.


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