10 Times DC Superheroes Went Against Their Own Treasured Ideals & Values


DC gave us some of the absolute best superheroes. Not just do they have the coolest superpowers and gadgets, their moral virtues are equally pleasing and actually make us like them more. Many of the DC superheroes are defined by their morals more than they are by their superpowers. But was it always like this, even with the perfect superhero? Well, if you think so, then we are here to break your bubble. Here are the 10 times when DC superheroes went against their values.

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1. Superman is the first name that might come to your mind while we are on the subject. Although he had strict values, he had to go against them to stop General Zod from an alternate universe to create any more havoc. So he executed him and Phantom criminals to prevent them from destroying the universe.

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What actually happens to Superman when he is exposed to Kryptonite?

2. Batman always tried to stick to his morals. He had too many foes, yet he fought them fair and square. Except for one, in The Dark Knight Returns. He decides to return to his title and help Gotham clear the evil-doers; Joker also comes back to trouble him. During their fight, however, Joker kills himself, and Batman lets him.

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Last Laughs: The Many Deaths Of The Joker

3. In Identity Crisis, the Justice League fought with many villains, showcasing a darker time. In order to keep their identity safe, they mindwiped many villains. It was still fair with the villains. But it hurt Zatanna the most when she had to mindwipe her friend, Batman. This affected their relationship and hurt them both.

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Did Zatanna Wipe Batman’s Mind?

4. Infinite Crisis, Superman was under the control of Maxwell Lord, and he made him go against Batman. When they both were in a fight, Wonder Woman intervened and took them both where she had Maxwell tied up. With the help of the Lasso of Truth, he revealed his true intentions and then killed him, which was completely opposite of who she was.

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Infinite Crisis with Emma Houxbois: Why Did Wonder Woman Kill Maxwell Lord?

5. Atom Smasher was one of the strongest of the Justice Society members and had ideal morals. But eventually, after his mother died, he became a different person altogether. He joins Black Adam to free Kahndaq and ends up killing many.

Atom Smasher DC superheroes
Atom Smasher DC Superheroes

6. Wally West was the best Flash in the DC comics. He was morally upright and is still considered the greatest. However, when he returned in Rebirth #1, he became desperate for his family and wanted them back. For this reason, he joined with his foe, Zoom, and went against Barry Allen. He soon realized that he was used, but it was a big mistake by then.

Wally West or Barry Allen? DC superheroes
Wally West or Barry Allen?

7. Superboy-Prime started off as a hero. When he went to a paradise dimension, he grew angrier, and Alexander Luthor used him to create the Multiverse. He then turned into a dangerous villain and wanted everything his way.

Superboy-Prime DC superheroes

8. Hal Jordan also let Parallax, a fearful entity, manipulate him. He was a hero turned into a villain after Coast city was destroyed, and the Guardians also refused to help him. Afterward, he set out on the mission himself and killed many of his fellow mates.

Hal Jordan DC superheroes
Hal Jordan

9. Adam Strange was a superhero who became desperate to save his daughter from the hands of the Pykkts. Using Rann’s army, he attacked Pykkts but lost his daughter. After they won the war, Adam and his wife returned to Earth but drew Pykkts to Earth. When he learned that they have his daughter, he traded Earth for her safety.

Adam Strange DC superheroes
Adam Strange In DC Comcis

10. The Spectre lost its host after Hal Jordan became Green Lantern. Alexander used this opportunity and sent Jean Loring to seduce and make him believe in destroying all the magical forces on The Earth.

DC superheroes The Spectre and Jean Loring
The Spectre and Jean Loring


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