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10 Times Disney Sidekicks Were Snarkier & Smarter Than The Lead Villain

10 Times Disney Sidekicks Were Snarkier Smarter Than The Lead Villain

Standing out in a movie with a good lead villain is almost impossible. But over the years, Disney has given us genius sidekicks who have done the job smoothly. Yes, today, we will be talking about the Disney sidekicks that have stolen the spotlight from the lead villains. Disney has offered villains that are calculating, intelligent, and good at plotting big strategies to achieve their ultimate goals. And the sidekicks were the ones who assisted these lead villains to fulfill their wicked schemes. There are moments when Disney sidekicks have proven that they were smarter and snarkier beings than the lead villain.

The Hyenas proved their worth against Scar, the well-known lead villain of The Lion King. Scar is also one of the most popular villains of Disney. However, when Scar took the help of the Hyenas to take down his brother Mufasa to get the kingdom, he underestimated the powers of the Hyenas. And ultimately, the clever Hyenas took down Scar.

Sidekicks who were smarter than the lead villain

Iago outsmarted another favorite lead villain Jafar and suggested he should marry Jasmine in order to demand the throne. Another important sidekick, Iago again stole the spotlight with his smarts and competenceIago proved himself to be snarkier enough when he came up with an outstanding idea for Jafar to claim the throne.

Sidekicks who were smarter than the lead villain

The Magic Mirror should be considered as one of the smartest Sidekicks of all time. Even though he doesn’t exactly appear as a sidekick, technically, he should be considered as one. The Magic Mirror has assisted the Evil Queen from time to time, even with all of her horrible deeds. So it could be easily said that it is the smartest sidekick who easily outshone the Evil Queen.

Sidekicks who were smarter than the lead villain

An underrated sidekick, Morph fooled everyone to help the lead villain of the story. Being the adorable, mischievous creature that Morph is, he could transform into any shape at his will. Once, he converted himself into a map so that the lead villain of the story could succeed.

Sidekicks who were smarter than the lead villain

Sir Hiss is the smartest and the most loyal sidekick a villain could ever have. At the time when Little John and Robin Hood disguised themselves, Hiss was the only person who was cautious.

Sidekicks who were smarter than the lead villain

Kronk is one of the most charming sidekicks Disney has ever made. He made himself pretty useful when Yzma discovered that Kuzco wasn’t given the intended poison.

lovable misfits kronk

Wiggins was good at observing more than the villain in the movie. He was less greedy and the only loyal person in Ratcliffe’s life. So after the attack of Pocahontas’ tribeRatcliffe asked him about the attack, he answered pretty reasonably.

Wiggins Goodbye

Pain and Panic were smart enough to keep the secret from the lead villain of the story. When Pain and Panic failed to kill baby Hercules, they figured keeping him a secret would be the best option. However, keeping a secret from the fiery-tempered villainous god was indeed remarkable.

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Horace was pretty intuitive among the Disney sidekicks. One of the most popular antagonists of Disney, Cruella, hired Horace and Jasper to fulfill her villainous desire. And eventually, in a moment of a daring escape, Horace was the only one who noticed the puppies first.


The Huntsman fooled the Evil Queen and delivered a pig’s heart in place of Snow White’s. The beloved antagonist of the Disney original movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was fooled by the Huntsman. When the Evil Queen asked him to provide Snow White’s heart, he couldn’t do it as he was decent at heart. So he decided to lie.


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