10 Times Marvel Resurrected Iconic Characters That No One Saw Coming

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Marvel Comics have been around for a while now. So a lot of characters have died, and an equal number of resurrected iconic characters have been seen. The battles between the Superheroes and Villains in the Marvel world are iconic. As a result, someone has to die to make the story interesting. This includes both the good guys and the bad guys. Most of the heroes who die are resurrected. But there are some resurrected iconic characters that leave the fans agape!


1. Moira Taggert: She died fighting the Legacy virus and was one of the resurrected characters that the fans had not expected. She was reintroduced as a mutant who, when killed, would return to the moment of her conception, retaining all memories of her past lives.

X-Men-10 Times Marvel Resurrected Iconic Characters That No One Saw Coming

2. Captain America: He is one of the most loved iconic characters who was resurrected. After he stopped an experimental Nazi drone, he disappeared and remained frozen in the Arctic until his iconic comeback.

Captain America Comics


3. Ben Reilly: The original Spider Clone story seemed like a one-off episode in the comic series. In 1994, Marvel resurrected the character and began the Clone Saga series, which ran for two years.

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga,10 Times Marvel Resurrected Iconic Characters That No One Saw Coming

4. Kraven The Hunter: He was one of the most improbable resurrected iconic characters. Kraven defeated Spider-Man, buried him, and impersonated him. He proved he was better than Spider-Man and killed himself. Fans were shocked to have such a perfect ending, reversed.

Kraven - the Hunter, Marvel villains

5. Hawkeye: In the 2004 Avengers Disassembled, Scarlet Witch goes crazy and kills three of her teammates- Ant-Man, Vision, and Hawkeye. Vision and Ant-Man stayed dead for a long time. However, Hawkeye made a comeback via Wanda in the House of M in 2005.

 Hawkeye ,10 Times Marvel Resurrected Iconic Characters That No One Saw Coming


6. Bucky: He is one of the resurrected iconic characters whose comeback broke a fundamental rule of the Marvel Universe- which was to keep Gwen Stacey, Bucky, and Uncle Ben dead. But Bucky’s return as the Winter Soldier has had a huge impact on pop culture and brought a fresh wave of ideas in the comics as well as movies.

Winter Soldier, Bucky

7. The X-Men: The X-Men have made innumerable comebacks from the Land of the Dead. Almost the entire team was killed in the Powers of X/House of X while destroying the Mother Mold. So the fans were expecting a resurrected team of these iconic characters. They were brought back by the Krakoan method, and nothing has been the same in X-Men since then.

 X-Men comic ,10 Times Marvel Resurrected Iconic Characters That No One Saw Coming

8. Aunt May: She has faced death a number of times. She even died after the Civil War. In The Amazing SpiderMan # 400, she had died of old age. The fans were shocked to see her back because she was gone for so long.

Spider-Man ,Aunt May


9. Norman Osborn: The Green Goblin has always cheated death. This happened in The Amazing Spider-Man #122. The Goblin formula gave him the gift of healing, and Norman went into hiding for years and became an unexpected resurrected iconic character in the Marvel Comic Universe.

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

10. Jean Grey: She is the most important member of the X-Men. Her end was a noble and poetic one where she embraced death overpower and became the Dark Phoenix. Therefore, her perfect ending made her one of the shocking resurrected iconic characters.

X-Men: Jean Grey



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