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11 2020 TV Moments Just As Rotten As The Year

Shocking. Vile. Sinister. Cringe. Dreadful. Terrifying. These were the themes for some of the most rotten TV Moments of 2020. Here’s a few to creep you to the core. We never saw these coming.

Death Of Justin Foley In 13 Reasons Why

Justin Foley was the kind of character you would root for. But his death was so sudden and shocking it took us all by surprise. You would be watching the show, thinking that for the first time, 13 Reasons Why is not going to leave you crying. But then they give us the death of this amazing character and all hell breaks loose. Foley’s death brought in a world of pain Not to mention, Jessica lost her boyfriend at such a young age.

Dean Dies In Season Finale Of Supernatural

The series finale of Supernatural was going to be something out of the box. There will obviously be twists and turns the fans would never see coming. The Winchester Brothers are not strangers to death. Both Sam and Dean have died previously in the show. Dean in particular considers the afterlife his summer retreat now. This time though, Dean is taken out for good. A couple of masked vampires and a well placed piece of rebar finally takes down the juggernaut that is Dean Winchester. What’s even more atrocious is the story doesn’t end. We are forced to see how the story of the Winchesters end with only one of them now carrying the torch for the latter half of the episode.

Clarke Shoots Bellamy in The 100

The 100 is no stranger to blood and gore. Fan favorite characters have died many times in the series. Bellamy was on his way to become one of the best characters of all time in the show. He has had amazing character evolution. But it was all for naught. Bellamy was right about Transcendence and nobody believed him in the beginning. When his best friend Clarke shot him for this, it made no sense. Bellamy was a light that was gone too soon. It made the show even more repulsive than it had already become.

Jennifer Aniston And Jimmy Kimmel Set Fire To The Emmys

Reality TV has had its fair share of controversies this year. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the popular talk show of the same name, brought down the house (like literally) this time. He and Jennifer Aniston were back to their crazy antics when one of them almost backfired. The result – a blazing fire happened that was inches away from turning into an inferno. It was Aniston’s quick thinking that saved the day. We are not giving her any credit though. She was equally to blame for this. Not a good way for live action TV to return to the limelight.

Hulu Cancels Zoe Kravitz’s High Fidelity

It’s very hard for someone to latch on to a good show now. Since there aren’t many of them around and the networks and platforms focusing on quantity over quality approach, Zoe Kravitz‘s High Fidelity was a breath of fresh air. High Fidelity had an amazing first season run. It’s cancellation was taken very seriously by fans, who responded with an army of angry mails to Hulu (hey what else can we do?!?!)

Ruby Rose Leaves Batwoman

The CW’s Batwoman is a show that has been at the epicenter of a lot of hatred. It was a doomed show to begin with. There were a lot of cringe moments in the series. But the lead actor was the show’s only saving grace. Ruby Rose then suddenly announced that she has been asked to leave the role by the Network. The reason was the Network wanted her to work around the clock despite her recovering from a major injury a few weeks prior. Actress Javicia Leslie came into fill her shoes.

Season 4 of Riverdale

There are rushed shows and there are shows that are outright irredeemable. Riverdale, up until Season 3, was neither. Enter Season 4 of Riverdale and the tables have turned. The dark drama found the sweet spot in its fourth season. It felt so rushed and so unforgivably spiteful most fans decided to switch the screen off. No matter how much the actors tried, we just couldn’t bear to watch it. It was amazingly awful.

The COVID-19 Story Elements Popping Up in Damn Near Every TV Show

we watch TV as a form of escapism. We don’t want the TV shows to mirror the real world. Sometimes the shows need to point some important stuff out like classism and racism. If it’s a good social message, we are all up for it. we all know COVIOD-19 is bad. We are all seeing the warning signs and how its eating away our world throughout the day. Shows like Black-ish started strong but lost the music halfway through. The COVID arcs just added to the stress to be honest.

Mary Is The Wife Of Her Step-Grandfather In The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

The Real Housewives franchise gave rise to a crazy off-shoot. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had more of the divorces, pole-dancing, trash-talking, and infidelity. It was a powerful successor to an even more powerful but controversial franchise. The most cringe-worthy moment of all time was when Mary reveals she is married to a man who is her step grand-father. The reason she gave was “It was kind of in my Grandma’s will”. People were laughing and puking at the same time.

Hitler Is Alive In Hunters

A battered and wounded Joe, played by Louis Ozawa, is captured by the Nazis. he is taken to a secret facility which turns out to be a house full of children. The Colonel, played by Lena Olin, comes forward to preach to Ozawa’s character. She soon sits at a table as a man emerges from the background. This man is referred to as “Adolf”. With his signature mustache, he presides over the dinner and refers to the Colonel as Eva as in Evan Braun, Hitler‘s wife. the children also join the table, whom the audience realize to be Hitler and Eva’s children. Nothing like a good “America lied to you. Hitler didn’t die. we were just too embarrassed to tell you he escaped the allied army’s clutches” in the morning.

Bonus Feature: The Cringe ‘I Would Rather Rip My Ears Out Than Listen to One More Song’ Musicals In The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3

It is a show about a young witch who conquers entire realms. She is not a Broadway star. Season 3 of Netflix’s Sabrina was a laughter riot. It was not intentional though. The show would frequently break  out into musical dance numbers that were terribly timed and placed. It was like Bollywood secretly invaded the show and made the actors dance at gunpoint.