12 Famous Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Voiced Popular Anime Characters


The anime wave is slowly and steadily gripping the entire world. But these actors were already onboard a long time ago.

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Tom Holland – The Secret World Of Arrietty

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Tom Holland is now better known as Spider-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But before he joined the Avengers, Holland tried his hands in the world of voice acting. He even managed to bag a voiceover role in the acclaimed anime movie – The Secret World Of Arrietty. He voiced Sho in the English dub. Arrietty was Holland’s debut in film-making.

Christian Bale – Howl’s Moving Castle

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Movies like American Hustle, The Fighter, and American Psycho have made Bale a household phenomenon. But he became a legend only after starring in The Dark Knight trilogy. Bale’s bag of achievements also contain a list of accomplishments in the anime industry. Christian Bale voiced Howl Jenkins Pendragon in Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

Samuel L Jackson – Afro Samurai

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Jackson is known for movies like Pulp Fiction and Snakes On A Plane. He is best known for his role of Nick Fury in the MCU. Anime fans know him because of his work in Afro Samurai. Samuel L Jackson voiced the lead character in that series. He stumbled onto the anime trailer by chance on the internet and liked it so much, he contacted the studio and got a deal. Other actors like Ron Perlman also joined in on the project later.

Leonard Nimoy – Transformers The Movie



The Star Trek legend enjoys a very loyal fan-following. he is one of the very few actors in the field still respected even after he passed away a long time ago. Nimoy was a geek by blood. He was into every kind of stuff your resident class recluse is ostracized for. So when he got the chance to voice the mighty Galvatron in the 1986 Transformers animated movie, he could not say no.

Kirsten Dunst – Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Dunst has been around for ages. A very celebrated actor, she has starred in Sam Raimi‘s Spider-Man movies as well as other films like Fargo and Interview with the Vampire. Dunst also bagged a very coveted role within the anime world when she got a chance to lend her voice to Kiki’s Delivery service. Dunst voiced Kiki for Disney’s re-dubbing of the Studio Ghibli classic.

Michael Chiklis – Spirited Away

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Chiklis’ gruff exterior and rugged manliness became very popular after his stint in The Shield. He also starred in movies like the Fantastic Four films and Eagle Eye. No one would have ever thought that Chiklis actually has a decorated career in the anime industry. Chiklis voiced Chihiro’s father Yuko Ogino in spirited Away. Other actors in the movie were Tara Strong and Jason Marsden.

Patrick Stewart – Steamboy


Steamboy was a 2004 anime directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the same guy who worked on the legendary Akira. Patrick Stewart, a true Hollywood icon, agreed to voice the character of Lloyd in the anime movie. anna Paquin aka Rogue of the X-Men movies voiced the lead character in the same film.

Bryan Cranston – Ramayana, Macross Plus



Known for his extensive work in the small screen industry, Bryan Cranston is a force of nature in his side of the world. The acclaimed TV actor is known for shows like Breaking bad, Malcolm In The Middle, and Your Honor. Cranston has voiced characters in anime like Ramayana: The Legend Of Prince Rama and Macross Plus, where he voiced Alva Dyson.

Cate Blanchett – Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea

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Blanchett is well-known for her role of Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. She has been in an integral part of many blockbuster franchises over the years. Only a person living under a rock wouldn’t recognize this Australian actor. Blanchett has forayed into the anime world when she voiced Granmamare in Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea. Other actors who lent their voice include Matt Damon and Betty White.

James Avery – Fist Of The North Star

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Uncle Phil of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air also had the fortune of voicing Boss Fang in the popular 1986 anime movie – Fist of The North Star.

Michael Keaton – Porco Rosso

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Porco Rosso tells the story of a WW1 ace fighter pilot who chases air pirates over the Adriatic sea. A strange curse has turned the guy into a pig. Michael Keaton voiced Porco Rosso in the movie.

Mark Hamill – Castle In The Sky

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Hamill’s voice acting is the stuff of literal legends. With a gifted skill for voice acting, the Star Wars actor found many gigs in this area. He quickly made a name for himself in animation and later, Japanese anime. He voiced Colonel Muska in the Studio Ghibli movie.


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