12 Times Famous TV Shows Insulted Their Own Fans


Sometimes even the greatest of TV shows make major blunders. In an effort to be more creative, they hurt the sentiments of the fans. The insults are too great to be ignored. We list out the ones fans can never ever forget. Here it goes. 

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How I Met Your Mother – Finally Meeting The Mother

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The show spanned multiple seasons. It spent years trying to set up the story of how the narrator met the mother of his children. We were all so excited. But then in the final moments, the ‘Mother’ is killed off so that the main character could get away with marrying a totally new character. Sure that sounds cool.

Smallville – Not So Subtle Product Placement

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Many shows are guilty of doing this. The Walking Dead once showed a brand new Toyota Hucson being driven by the protagonists. The model came out in 2012 while the apocalypse began in 2010. Smallville is widely credited for having started the blatant product placement scenes. One of the characters in a Smallville episode literally shouted: “Quick!! Get in my Yaris!!” Who says that ?!?!

Under The Dome – Plot Holes So Glaring Even A 2 Year Old Would Find Them

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The show was riddled with so many plot holes it was the Hollywood equivalent of Swiss cheese. In the end, the story became exceedingly coherent to the point even the official sub-reddit for the show gave up. That’s the ultimate punchline.


Glee – The Transformation Of Coach Beaste

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Coach Beaste’s original motto was that not being feminine enough does not make you any less of a woman. But then the show just gave up on that message and turned her into a Transgender. For a moment of tokenism, they butchered the character up.


Roseanne  – Series Finale

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One of the biggest scams in TV history came at the season finale of Roseanne. It is revealed in the final episode of the show that the events that transpired were all a retelling by Jackie. Dan was dead. They never won the lottery. Basically everything you saw and fell in love with was fake, a sham.


Dallas – It Was Just A ‘Dream’

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Dallas is pretty much the same as Roseanne. It killed Bobby in the previous season finale. The fans were in a wreck. But then in the next season premiere, we see Bobby back in the flesh. He was never dead as it turns out. It was all just a bad dream. His wife was dreaming apparently.


Quantum Leap – He Never Makes It Home

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It turns out the man who leapt through time each week never made it back. The last line of the show was a slap on the face for ardent viewers of the show. We want justice for Sam Beckett.


Arrow – Turning Into A Soap Opera

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This is one show that made us fall in love with DC superhero shows again. In more ways than one, it was the second coming for the DC TV universe after the success of Smallville. Arrow started out strong but midway through it turned into a melodramatic soap opera. Case in point – we never asked for that Olicity drama. 


The Powerpuff Girls Remake – Literally Everything

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The entire series banked on crass, low class humor. The show never even bothered calling the original voice cast. The animation was cringe. And CN did a bang on job of trying to milk money out of an animated classic but failing miserably.


Grey’s Anatomy – Derek Passing Away

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For many episodes, the show made us fall in love with Derek. He was such a lovable dude. His death was so abrupt and sudden it almost felt like the writers hated Patrick Dempsey with a passion. 


Daredevil – No Audio Descriptions

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Netflix decided to create a show on a blind superhero. But it royally screwed up when it did not include audio descriptions. So a show about a blind vigilante cannot be enjoyed by blind people. That’s sheer exclusion and insensitivity. 


The Big Bang Theory – Explaining The Jokes In Later Seasons

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The show considered to be Chuck Lorre‘s ‘masterpiece’ was already deemed too racist. But it lost its humor aspect when it later seasons, the characters started explaining the jokes. The show went from cringe to downright unwatchable. 




Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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