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15 Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

TV soap operas can never be complete without some romance, break-ups and hook-ups, and some drama. Some couples flow with the plot almost effortlessly, and they have all things right, the right chemistry, and healthy and growing relationships. Like Chandler and Monica, Amy and Jake, and this list can go on. But some TV couples were simply unnecessary, had no chemistry, and were way too awkward. We have made a list of such hated TV couples that were forced and awkward.

1. Joey and Rachel in FRIENDS: The chemistry between the two just wasn’t there and was completely stretched and unnecessary for the plot. They would have instead been portrayed as the best friends they were becoming.

Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

2. Amy and Jonah in Superstore: The two never had the spark, and Amy never really liked Jonah. They should not have gotten back together after they broke up.

Superstore Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

3. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones: The audience was kinda hoping not to see this development, but it happened and wasn’t appreciated. Unlike Jon and Ygritte, they both had no spark and chemistry.

Daenerys Targaryen And Jon Snow Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

4. Pam and Roy in The Office: The two were supposed to be like that, but the relationship was too toxic, and they were nothing like a couple should be.

The Office Pam and Roy Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

5. Izzie and George in Grey’s Anatomy: Izzie and George always seemed like they were trying too hard to build chemistry. It changed Izzie into a different person too.

Grey's Anatomy Izzie and George Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

6. Hope and Landon in Legacies: The chemistry between the two was never there. They seemed like a forced couple.

Legacies Hope & Landon Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

7. Buffy and Riley in Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy and Riley never made sense. They, too, were so different and Riley was more boring, and they missed the spark definitely.

Riley Finn from Buffy Hated TV Couples That Were So Forced

8. Joey and Dawson in Dawson’s Creek: One of the hated TV couples that felt forced and weird.

Dawson's Creek Almost Ended With Joey And Dawson Together - CINEMABLEND

9. Felicity and Oliver in Arrow: They were fine initially but grew to be toxic and immature. She was lying and dishonest while he doesn’t know what he really wants.

Olicity on 'Arrow': It was going to be Oliver and Felicity 'no matter what' — Stephen Amell | by Thaddeus Jones | Medium

10. Alex and Piper in Orange Is The New Black: They were constantly on and off with the relationship. It was immature and got tiring later.

Orange Is the New Black': Laura Prepon Talks Future of Alex and Piper After Tragic Season 4 – The Hollywood Reporter

11. Caroline and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries: The two didn’t make much sense. It felt as if since the two were single, let’s pair them up.

My Top Ten Stefan and Caroline - YouTube

12. Dan and Blair in Gossip Girl: Blair and Chuck made so much more sense, but their relationship felt more like another obstacle for Chuck and Blair to be together.

Dan & Blair Were The Best Couple On 'Gossip Girl' And You Know It | Marie Claire Australia

13. Mal and Alina in Shadow and Bone: They both didn’t have the same vibes as that of a boyfriend-girlfriend. Their chemistry just never felt right.

Shadow and Bone' Boss Eric Heisserer Reveals Season 2 Plans | TVLine

14. Archie and Veronica in Riverdale: Archie was never the right one for her, and they were becoming toxic for each other.

Riverdale: A Few Questions About That Shower Sex Scene

15. Rafael and Jane in Jane The Virgin: Their relationship, or whatever it was, started off on weird terms. She had a crush on him after the artificial insemination.

Romantic Moment of the Month: Jane and Rafael in the Beautiful 'Jane the Virgin' Finale

Written by FandomWire Staff