WB To Release ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ In Theaters This Spring

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Good news to all who have for months begged for a release of the oft-rumored “Snyder Cut” of last fall’s underwhelming Justice League-in a surprising move, Zack Snyder himself has announced in a now-deleted Tweet that a version of Justice League without any of Joss Whedon’s reshoots and a whopping additional hour of footage will see a theatrical release, accompanied by a Junkie XL score to completely replace Danny Elfman’s take on the soundtrack.

Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder). Thank you to everyone for your support over the past year. I’ll be getting Justice League ready for a wide release next month. This is the movie I intended to finish, so expect over an hour of new scenes and the brilliant music of @Junkie_XL behind it.   #UniteTheSevenAtLast 31 March 2018. 4:39 p.m.

In addition to the information already gathered above, the hashtag is of particular note-after a wealth of speculation in the time leading up to the film’s initial release this past November, will this extended edition finally include an official seventh member of the titular League?

UPDATE: A source at Warner Bros. has confirmed this information, in addition to an exact release date-Justice League Mark II will hit theaters on April 27th.  Pretty strong move by Warner to bring back the superhero team-up the day Avengers: Infinity War begins its predictable box office dominance that same day.  Ready or not, it should nonetheless be interesting to see these counterparts go head-to-head.  I, for one, find myself strangely excited to check out what might end up being an entirely different film.  Like him or not, Snyder undoubtedly does possess a unique visual flair that just might make this new Justice League worth watching.  Forget what we saw previously-let’s try to watch this with an open mind, shall we?  One can only hope audiences will feel the same way.  Otherwise, this could end up becoming an unprecedented double-failure for a major motion picture studio as Justice League would then wind up in an deeply unfavorable position to bomb twice.  Let’s hope, for all those involved, that ends up not being the case.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: April Fools finally unites on April 27th.