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5 Marvel Heroes Black Noir Could Defeat (& 5 Heroes Who Would Destroy Him)

Black Noir is the most underrated member of the Seven. Both the seasons of The Boys did not do him enough justice. Here we pit him against popular Marvel superheroes. The results are unexpected.


Sam Wilson has a very special set of skills. He is good at long range combat and reconnaissance. Time and time again he has failed to live up to expectations in direct combat. Black Noir can take him out just by damaging Falcon’s wings, his greatest strength and weakness.


Despite what the Marvel Cinematic Universe showed you, Vision is still one of the most powerful Avengers to ever exist, His body is made up of Vibranium. His mind is powered by an Infinity Stone. He has powers of intangibility, invisibility, density control, flight, super strength and speed, and energy manipulation. If you think Black Noir can take him down, you are sorely mistaken.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier, like Black Noir, is a ruthless mercenary hired by a shadowy organization to carry out dirty missions. In Captain America 2, Bucky Barnes was almost able to defeat Captain America. Black Noir is more ruthless, efficient, and brutal than Bucky Barnes. Noir takes the cake fair and square.


If it was Black Noir vs. Pre Homecoming Peter Parker, the odds may have swayed in the former’s favor. After two movies and gaining tons of experience in how to deal with threats, there’s a host of skills Spider-Man has acquired along with his superhuman powers. Black Noir would lose if he picks a fight with Spider-Man. There’s no doubt about that.

Black Widow

There’s not much Black Widow brings to the table other than her espionage skills. She is a good spy and a terrific interrogator. Black Noir is much more than just a spy. He is a one man army. He would literally roll over Natasha.

Moon Knight

As the Avatar of the Moon God Khonshu, Marc Spector possesses abilities that far exceed human levels. Moon Knight is also psychotic and deranged, his fighting moves being so unpredictable and violent even the Taskmaster hates copying his moves. Black Noir cannot keep up to a guy this aggressive and violent.

Captain America

The Super Soldier Serum enhanced his human attributes to peak human condition. Rogers’ analytical mind combined with his immense strategic acumen make him one of the greatest heroes Earth has to offer. In a one on one fight with Black Noir, the Super Soldier will lose because Black Noir can keep up with him very easily. Espionage and assassination are Black Noir’s forte. He could take Steve Rogers out when he lets his guard down as well.

Iron Man

You can ram your enemies through a concrete wall. You can take point blank shots to the head and chest and not even blink. But when you come face to face with a brilliant man considered to be the world’s greatest genius, no amount of training can help you. One direct shot from Iron Man‘s uni-beam and Black Noir is toast. Even he cannot function with a gaping hole for a chest.

The Punisher

Frank Castle uses firearms and fiery explosions to get the job done. He is an expert close quarter combatant. He is also good at knife fights and espionage. The Punisher also has a high tolerance for pain, perhaps the best in the entire Marvel Comic Book Universe. But what Frank Castle does good, Black Noir does better. His pain tolerance is off the charts. Black Noir is a highly trained combat specialist. He also seems to possess superhuman physical attributes. Castle is but just a man.


The tiniest Avenger has the power of Pym Particles in his belt. Black Noir prides himself on the element of surprise but even he does not have super sight. Ant-Man can shrink himself and do the Thanos Butt Explosion move on Black Noir (kidding!!). He can actually reverse the Pym Particles’ polarities and become Giant Man. There is no way Black Noir can take down a literal giant.