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5 Reasons Loki Would’ve Been Better Off As A Movie

Disney+’s Loki makes for a killer show we could watch over and over again. Here are a few reasons why Loki would have worked even better as a movie rather than as a series.

A Different Kind Of Movie Protagonist

Source: Marvel

Before the show, Loki only had like two hours of screen time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And throughout Loki’s screen presence, the character has been portrayed as a morally ambiguous deuteragonist. Loki started off as a villain with seemingly noble intentions. He then blossomed into an anti-hero trying to do the right thing. Anti-heroes are not someone Marvel Studios prefers to play with. Most of the MCU movies feature heroes that are characteristically black and white in terms of their moral compass. Loki would have made for a good movie because the very lead character itself was intriguingly trying to sail two boats. A villainous lead with a heart of gold would have made for a much better character development in a feature length movie. The show did a good job in showing Loki’s change of heart but a movie makes more sense given MCU’s preference for movie-wise storytelling.

Events Of Loki Literally Start After The Events Of Another Movie

Time Heist

To make sure they do not desecrate the Trickster God’s heroic sacrifice in Infinity War, Marvel turned the Loki that escapes in Endgame into a variant, courtesy of the Time Heist. That way, they can have their cake and eat it too. The amount of time, effort, and resources required to set the variant Loki’s escape into the TVA could easily fool any ardent Marvel fan into thinking that Loki would have worked better as a movie. A What If story arc was supposedly in order when Loki was first announced. Marvel Studios then announced it was going to be a series. But there’s a reason we assumed Loki would be a movie. Because logically, it makes sense for a movie to follow the events of another movie.

A Single Overall Plotline

A Better Storytelling Apparatus

As much as we liked Loki as a series, a show has many downsides when compared to a movie. For starters, a show is forced to play several plot points in tandem. Many characters and story elements need to be juggled simultaneously for a better, cohesive plot. A movie, on the other hand, can just focus on a singular story arc and make all the other sub-plots fit that tale easily. Given the high stakes of the plot, a more stream-lined movie project could have had a better impact. Remember the events of the Loki series lead to the multiverse in the end. Fans would have found it easier to latch onto those events had it been a movie rather than a multi-episode series.

Kang Was Not Done Enough Justice To


From what we have seen so far, an MCU movie is only as good as the main villain. The MCU hinted at the coming of Thanos for almost a decade. When the Mad Titan did come, we got two epic movies – Infinity War and Endgame. Kang is going to be the next big bad wolf of the MCU after Thanos. A villain like him should get the respect he deserves because in more ways than one, Kang is a much graver threat than Thanos could ever be. Introducing Kang through a Loki series instead of a full length movie only dilutes his presence as a villain.

Why Should Thor Have All The Fun

Thor & Loki

Thor has had three movies already. Out of those, only Thor: Ragnarok seems memorable enough. the other two Thor movies we could live without. Loki, who is just as or maybe even more popular than Thor as a character, has had no solo movie outings. The fan base the Norse Trickster God follows is comparable to that of Robert Downey Junior’s Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. And that is why a Loki movie would have killed it at the Box Office.