5 Ways Bane, Not Joker, Is Batman’s Ultimate Nemesis

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When comes to Batman‘s ultimate nemesis, Joker always comes first in our mind but unfortunately, he doesn’t top the list. Irrespective of the dreadful catastrophe caused by Joker, he’ll never be as good as the man who broke the bat. Bane resembles Batman intimately and fulfills every requirement for becoming Dark Knight’s ultimate nemesis be that physical, mental, tactical, or at the spiritual level. Although these may sound like enough to withstand the argument there are many such full-fledged pieces of evidence to prove the same.


1. He Broke Batman for real

ultimate nemesis - Bane broke batman
Bane Broke Batman

In the iconic Knightfall Saga, Bane successfully out plans Batman and breaks his back living up to the name of being his ultimate nemesis. When Batman feels like he has conquered against all the inmates released from Arkham Asylum, Bane waits inside the Wayne Manor all set to break him physically. It left Batman paralyzed and forced to have a replacement in the form of Azrael. Joker too at times has out-planned The Dark Knight under the old adage of “so bananas it just might work”, but sadly not as fine as Bane.

2. Finishes off Alfred in Cold Blood

Ultimate Nemesis - killed alfred
Bane finishes off Alfred in Cold Blood

When Gotham City is taken over by Bane and his allies, Alfred is kept hostage in the Wayne Manor (Bane’s allies headquarters then) during the ‘City of Bane’. He clearly warns about the terrible demise of Alfred if any of the Bat’s family members try to invade and when Damian Wayne tries to belittle his determination, Bane brings his threat to action. He splits Alfred’s neck with his bare hand, finishing him off in cold blood. Even after numerous run-ins with Alfred Pennyworth (Wayne’s father figure), Joker wasn’t able to cause such a disaster.


3. Bane is no less than Batman’s Dark Reflection

Bane is the Dark Reflection of Batman

In many ways, the origin of Bane is a dark reflection of Batman’s own personal history. Both of them share a similar kind of pain and strong willpower as a result of their loss. Bane lost his mother inside a prison when he was a baby and fighting for being the superior one whole of his life ignited in him that fuel to attain a great physique with Vemon as the cherry on top. Wayne on the other hand used his family’s billion to transform into The Dark Knight and fight for Gotham. Therefore Bane can be considered a self-made monster.

4. Bane indeed is a Strategist

powerful Bane
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Bane can be called the perfect blend of brain and massive physique. Instead of fighting like a blind man, he plans his moves and is rather a strategist. Batman as well as Bane have the capability to think ten moves ahead being the masters of martial art. As a consequence of which Batman suffers against him even before Bane turned into a metahuman after injecting himself with a Venom Drug.

5. Captured Gotham City

Gotham taken over by Bane
Gotham captured by Bane

Joker terrorizing Gotham city a number of times must have been witnessed by most of us. But Bane legit captured the city throwing out the Bat-family by force and taking over all the government functions. After Joker’s numerous attempts, Bane was the only one to call the city his own.


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