6 Times Your Favorite Superheroes Became Cosmic Gods (& Started Acting Like Cosmic Jerks)


The comic books never shy away from granting immeasurable power to our favorite heroes, turning them into cosmic Gods. These heroes also attained the power of cosmic Gods. Some kept it for themselves while others relinquished it.

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Doctor Strange – Ate The Roots Of Yggdrasil To Become A Living God Of Magic

God Of Magic

Doctor Strange already has enough Godlike abilities to make even the greatest of cosmic Gods sweat. His magical prowess combined with his access to a plethora of magical resources and knowledge, makes him a force to be reckoned with. But there as a time Doctor Strange ended up breaking his own benchmark and setting a new personal best. Infiltrating Asgard, Strange was looking for a way to reclaim his Sorcerer Supreme title, that had been stolen by Loki. In a desperate bid, Strange ate the roots of the World Tree – Yggdrasil. Ingesting those enchanted roots filled Strange with so much limitless, potent, and ancient magic that he became the living embodiment of magic.


Batman – Sits On The Mobius Chair To Become The God Of Knowledge

JL darkseid war batman 1 featured image
God Of Knowledge

If knowledge is power, Batman managed to attain power beyond one’s wildest imaginations. During the events of Darkseid War, the Justice League would come face to face with Metron, a New God who sits on the all-knowing Mobius Chair. Batman tricks Metron into getting out of his chair and sits on it when nobody’s looking. Now one with the Mobius chair, Batman’s attire was instantly transformed to resemble those of Cosmic Gods. He had an answer to anything and everything. Only after being super-charged with a Green Lantern power ring could he muster up enough willpower to get out of the chair and relinquish his Godhood.

Green Lantern – Wields The Mother Ring To Become The God Of Light

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God Of Light

During Darkseid War, it wasn’t just Batman who became one of the Cosmic Gods. Hal Jordan managed to become one too. The event saw Darkseid and Anti-Monitor at war with each other. The Parademons of Apokolips attacked and decimated Oa, fusing a Mother Box into the Central Power Battery, in search of a New God – The God of Light. Hal momentarily entered the Central Power Battery and acquired the Mother Ring, becoming the New God the Parademons were searching for.


Iron Man – Bathes In The Energy Of The Power Cosmic To Become Iron God

cosmic iron man
The Iron God

Iron Man has always had a God Complex. But this time, Marvel is taking things a bit too far. Tony Stark has emerged from having his entire body bathed in the energy of the Power Cosmic. To make sure everyone knows how benevolent their new Iron God is, Tony Stark does something that to be honest, wasn’t the smartest of moves. The Iron God makes every resident of New York City just as smart and genius as he is. Reed Richards actually comments this after the incident: “I actually think I just became dumber…”

Cyclops – Absorbed A Portion Of The Phoenix Force & Became A Mutant God

Cyclops Phoenix Avengers vs X Men

During the Avengers vs. X-Men story arc, Hope Summers – the mutant messiah, tries absorbing the Phoenix Force into herself. That attempt ends up being a bust. The Avengers then use a weapon to destroy the Phoenix Force. But the entity just ends up being splintered into five parts. Cyclops is one of the mutants who gets a fifth of the Phoenix Force embedded into his body. And his powers drastically increase. Emma Frost, Namor, Magik, and Colossus also get the same power but Cyclops does the most damage. His most infamous act was killing Professor X in cold blood.


The Punisher – As Cosmic Ghost Rider, He Becomes A Strange Cosmic God

Cosmic Ghost Rider

In the Thanos comic series, Thanos manages to end the Avengers and eliminate all resistance, taking over the universe fo good. Frank Castle, one of the last surviving heroes, sells his soul to Mephisto and obtains the power of the Ghost Rider. He then also attains the Power Cosmic and becomes a servant of Thanos. Now as the Cosmic Ghost Rider, Frank Castle kept switching sides, waiting for the perfect moment to end the Mad Titan’s reign and plunge everything back to normal.


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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