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8 Facts About Suicide Squad Only Comic Book Fans Know

Who doesn’t love comic book trivia, right? But with the 75 years of superhero comics behind us right now, there’s always some obscure fact to learn. DC has created extremely well-constructed supervillains and the world has experienced its debut in 1959.

The Suicide Squad featured a team of supervillains who are called Task Force X. However, in terms of comparing the actual comic book and the on-screen big-budget movie, both nearly differ in multiple ways. If you have seen the movie in theaters and think you know everything about Suicide Squad, then you are mistaken. So, without any further delay let’s get into the list of 10 facts about Suicide Squad only comic fans know.

John S. Ostrander revealed that in an attempt to revamp Suicide Squad for the post-crisis comic book, the actual inspiration was taken from the classic World War II film: The Dirty Dozen.

Facts only comic book fans know

In addition to that, Ostrander also mentioned the original Mission: Impossible TV series as an additional source of the Suicide Squad comics.

In the first appearance of the Suicide Squad, the story was about a team of heroes who would fight terrors and other supernatural dangers.

After the post-crisis on Infinite Earths, the Suicide Squad comic book got revised into a team of villains. They were working on behalf of the government to get time off their sentence.

They have gained the nickname of a Suicide Squad because no team member is guaranteed to survive the mission.

Facts only comic book fans know

Blockbuster has been illustrated as a powerful member of the squad during the first mission in the comics. Later he got killed by Brimstone. Apart from Blockbuster, there are other team members both famous and footmen have met their fate as a part of the Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn who has become the current favorite of every comic book lover wasn’t a part of the original team.

She had not even been developed in 1987 and thus wasn’t a part of Batman: The Animated Series. In the year 2011, Harley joined the squad in the New 52 relaunch of the comics.

Back in the early age during Ostrander‘s run, the squad ended up battling with the Apokoliptan Team also known as the Female Furies.

Facts only comic book fans know

Later, a member of the furies named Lashina joined the Suicide Squad and took the squad to Apokolips. The squad faced Darkseid‘s forces but couldn’t win the battle because of Darkseid.

John F. Ostrander revamped Barbara Gordon as Oracle in his new Suicide Squad comic book.

A common misconception of DC fans is Oracle made her first appearance in the Birds of Prey or Batman comics. But none of that’s true. Oracle used to work as a mysterious informer. Therefore, they didn’t reveal her identity until Suicide Squad #38.

Suicide Squad made the C-lister villains into today’s Idols.

The current popular names of DC villains, such as Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Captain Boomerang were once minor characters that nobody cared about. Right at the time when they first debuted in the comics, they were relegated as C-listers.

The cast tends to revolve depending on the mission.

Except for Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad does not feature set members, unlike other teams. Squad members like Deadshot have attended many missions. Even they will be replaced at times with Deathstroke or Peacemaker. This is the key feature to seed surprises into a story.

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