“99 times out of a hundred, that happens”: WWE Fans ‘Objectified’ John Cena When He Switched to Acting

"99 times out of a hundred, that happens": WWE Fans 'Objectified' John Cena When He Switched to Acting

Long before John Cena appeared in the Fast & Furious franchise, the 46-year-old was known for knocking down people in the wrestling world. The WWE wrestler acquired a massive fan base after winning the title of 16 times world champion. However, Cena who was previously a rapper, slowly ended his career as a wrestler and made his debut in Hollywood back in 2006.

John Cena
John Cena

Despite being in Hollywood for years, his curious choice as a producer and narrator of WWE Evil (2022), appeared questionable to his fans. Although intimidated by the former wrestler, John Cena mentioned how his fans often “objectified” him following his inception in the industry. 

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John Cena Discusses His 2022 Series WWE Evil

Transferring his passion over the years from rapping to wrestling to acting, John Cena eventually decided to produce and narrate his new 2022 series WWE Evil. Excited to combine his love for sports with his passion for acting, Cena mentioned how pumped he was to narrate the show. 

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I love WWE, and I love sports entertainment. I have such a passion for it. I guess in sports entertainment, you can’t have a virtuous character without an evil character.”

WWE Evil
WWE Evil (2022)

Sitting for an interview with Esquire, the 16 times world champion explained how his idea for WWE Evil hatched out of the blue. “This idea was hatched a while ago. We started talking about the idea.” He further added,

When WWE got it, they were really excited about it…but I wanted to give away too much. So they saved me from me.” 

John Cena
The WWE wrestler discusses his new series

Discussing his new series, John Cena mentioned how this show will excite every wrestling fan in the world while hoping for its success. Bringing out the glorious moments of several world-class wrestlers through his series, Cena, who previously appeared in the Fast & Furious franchise, seemed truly pumped with his production. 

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John Cena Mentions Being Objectified In The Industry 

John Cena narrated WWE Evil dives into the minds of the most diabolical antagonists in WWE history, and explores their impact on mainstream culture. While bringing out such a masterpiece, although Cena was supported by most, he faced some amount of setbacks from his fans. 

John Cena
Cena mentioned feeling overwhelmed

The WWE wrestler claimed getting undermined by his fans for his previous career role. Often called to slam someone and make wrestling moves instead of focusing on what he has to offer, John Cena claimed to feel objectified by his fans. Unwilling to sugarcoat the issue he faced, Cena opened up about it and mentioned, “I would say 99 times out of a hundred, that happens”. 

John Cena
Cena gets objectified by his fans

I know there are some people who get apprehensive about that because you do something well and people recognize you. That’s great, but I think a lot of people don’t have the perspective of, like, there’s more than that to who I am.” John Cena stated. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the issue, the wrestler stated how he previously embraced all the memes and circulating jokes about him. But somehow he fails to accept the way his fans objectify him because of his previous association with wrestling. “I get apprehensive when people don’t treat you like a human being when they treat you like an object.” Cena clarified.  

John Cena
Fans fail to accept Cena’s talent beyond wrestling

Expanding his role from acting to producing, John Cena although excited for the success of his 2022 series, appeared quite disheartened by the hurtful treatment he faces. 

Watch all episodes of the new series WWE Evil (2022) streaming now on PeacockTV. 

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Source: Esquire

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