After Facing the Surface World in ‘Fallout’, Ella Purnell Will Take on a Band of Murderous Squirrels in the Upcoming Horror-Comedy The Scurry

Ella Purnell of Fallout fame will face off against an unusual enemy in upcoming horror-comedy, The Scurry.

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  • Fallout actress Ella Purnell has joined horror-comedy movie The Scurry.
  • The movie will see Purnell facing off against a pack of killer squirrels.
  • Purnell will also return to Fallout for the upcoming Season 2 of the series.
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Ella Purnell’s stardom is on the rise with the explosive success of the Fallout streaming series. Since the first episode itself, Purnell’s character of Lucy MacLean emerged as a fan favorite. The actress has experienced a burst of popularity around the world, and fans are eager to see her in more projects. The entertainment industry is capitalizing on the interest, and Purnell’s next project has been announced.


The actress will be seen in The Scurry, an upcoming film by Craig Roberts. Purnell will be playing the lead in the project, which is set to be a horror comedy relating to squirrels. While the rest of the cast continues to expand with fresh announcements, Purnell’s name alone will be enough to excite interest among Fallout fans.

Ella Purnell Joins the Squirrel-infested world of The Scurry

Lucy MacLean in Fallout
Ella Purnell in Fallout

In Craig Robert’s The Scurry, Ella Purnell will be playing the role of a park attendant. According to a report by Screen Daily, Purnell’s character will face off against an army of squirrels. In the grand tradition of horror movies featuring killer animals, the squirrels will be out for blood rather than acorns. Purnell’s character will have to rely on her survival skills and grit to win the day.

Lucy takes aim
A still from Fallout

The Scurry also features a supporting cast that includes Rhys Ifans, Paapa Essiedu, and Antonia Thomas. While Olivia Cooke and Mia McKenna-Bruce were part of the cast at one point, they have since left the project citing schedule conflicts.

The script for the movie has been written by Tim Telling. A report by Variety carried the following synopsis of The Scurry:

“Two pest controllers are called to an eco-café in a country park to investigate what begins as a routine vermin problem – but as nightfall approaches an avalanche of deranged squirrels descend, wreaking revenge and mayhem on the staff and visitors in the park. With many fatalities the survivors take shelter in the café as a freak storm takes out the power and communications leaving them isolated and under attack. An eclectic mix of survivors include pest controllers, a sulky teenager, hypocritical vegans and a drug dealer — there is only an outside chance of survival…” 

The producers of The Scurry expressed their excitement over Purnell’s addition to the cast, with True Brit CEO Kamasa telling Screen Daily that they are “thrilled to add Ella to our brilliant British ensemble cast. She will be fantastic battling deranged killer squirrels.”


Ella Purnell Will Also Return to Fallout

The Ghoul aka Cooper Howard
Walter Goggins in Fallout

While The Scurry moves into production, Ella Purnell will also be returning as Lucy to the world of Fallout. The streaming hit has already been cleared for a second season with most of the main cast returning.

The world of the show is expected to dive even deeper into the video game source material in Season 2, and fans are excited to see fan-favorite characters from the games make the jump to a live-action adaptation.

Fallout is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


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