After Netflix’s One Piece, Tom Holland Joins Chainsaw Man Anime Franchise as Live-Action Denji in Viral Fan Art

Fan art depicts Tom Holland switched from Spider-Man to a human-devil hybrid with se*ual desires

After Netflix's One Piece, Tom Holland Joins Chainsaw Man Anime Franchise as Live-Action Denji in Viral Fan Art


  • theartnation posted a new fan art online. It had Tom Holland as Denji and several other Hollywood actors as the rest of the Chainsaw Man cast.
  • Considering the horrible record of past anime live adaptations, the Chainsaw Man showcased their concern over over the new fan art.
  • The fans were not happy with such developments as they do not want to see Tom Holland as the Chainsaw Man. The only person that they liked was Mads Mikkelson who would play Kishibi, according to the fan art.
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Fan art is becoming very popular these days. The viral fan art of Tom Holland as Chainsaw Man by theartnation saw quite the commotion on social media sites. Fan art can be described as an expression of a person towards a certain character. There are thousands of fan art pieces available online. The fan art is mostly made around anime characters and actors.


Many people felt that Dwayne Johnson could be a great live adaptation of Raikage from Naruto. So, they used their imagination to create fan art with Dwayne Johnson as the Raikage. Similarly, new fan art has been circulating on the internet. It is based on the Chainsaw Man anime. The fan art features Hollywood actor Tom Holland as the Chainsaw Man.

Fan Art Depicts Tom Holland As The Chainsaw Man

Tom Holland as Chainsaw Man
Tom Holland as Chainsaw Man

A social media user, theartation, used his imagination and created Chainsaw Man fan art with Tom Holland as Denji/Chainsaw Man. With blood coming out of his mouth, it looks not so bad. But the fan artist did not stop there. He created Zendaya as Power, Margot Robbie as Makima, Ryan Gosling as Aki, Mads Mikkelsen as Kishibe, and Kristen Stewart as Himeno.


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Due to Chainsaw Man having a lot of gore scenes, he chose Quentin Tarantino as the director if this cast ever comes together for a live-action adaptation. The artist has been creative with his work. Starting with making Tom Holland blonde and spelling out ‘Don’t Die’ with blood on his attire. Zendaya’s Power also has two red horns, Margot Robbie has pink hair, and Kristen Stewart has an eye patch. All these are done to make the characters similar to their anime counterparts.

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Only Ryan Gosling looks a bit out of character, with no similarities to Aki except for his small, protruding hairpiece. If Tom Holland ever feels tired of doing web-swinging, he can also go for Denji, whose only dream is to touch b*obs.


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Fans’ Reaction To Chainsaw Man Fan Art

Fans have been vocal with their reactions to with fan art. Reddit has been overflowing with comments. One of the Reddit users wrote that if this cast ever goes official, then it will be bad for Chainsaw Man since Tom Holland has a habit of showing his face on screen. He won’t wear the chainsaw on his head.

Tom Holland in Uncharted
Tom Holland

Another one spammed the whole comment section with the ‘I hate Tom Holland’ banter. The only positive review that the fan art got was how great Mads Mikkelsen looks as Kishibe. Both have a serious look on their faces, and it is quite similar. While most reviews were negative, many thought it was hilarious.


The fans were not happy, especially with the history of anime live adaptations. They do not want their favorite to face the same consequences as Dragon Ball Evolution and Netflix’s Death Note. For the moment, Tom Holland’s Denji remains fan art.

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