After Replacing Zack Snyder, James Gunn Stopped One of the Most Acclaimed Justice League Arcs from Getting Movie Adaptation

After Replacing Zack Snyder, James Gunn Stopped One of the Most Acclaimed Justice League Arcs from Getting Movie Adaptation

The takeover of the Zack Snyder-built DCEU by James Gunn has been making headlines at DC Studios for quite some time now. James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed control of the DC brand last November, with Gunn at the helm of the newly created DC Universe (DCU). While the studio portrays the move as a means to reclaim the lost legacy of DC Live Action movies, all is not entirely smooth under the new regime.

James Gunn at an event
James Gunn at an event (Credit: Google)

The brand intends to keep certain cast members and narrative elements intact, but it will also introduce new characters and storylines, leaving some fan favorites to be replaced.

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The New Regime Under James Gunn is ‘Controlling’

James Gunn confirmed DCU will include animated movies & shows
A still from Harley Quinn – James Gunn confirmed DCU will include animated movies & shows (Credit: WB)

DC Studios is hoping for a turnaround under James Gunn. With consecutive major losses like The Flash and Black Adam, the studio is looking for a saving grace from the Guardians of the Galaxy director. However, James Gunn’s regime seems to be exhibiting a controlling nature, which became evident when he halted the development of one of the most acclaimed Justice League storylines.

Gunn had previously confirmed that the new reboot would include animated movies and shows. DC Animated shows like Harley Quinn and My Adventures with Superman, along with the latest R-rated animated movie Justice League: Warworlds, have garnered positive responses from fans. This has created the impression that the Studio has granted the producers complete creative freedom. However, that does not seem to be the case.

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James Gunn Prevents Kingdom Come Movie Adaptation

Kingdom Come comic
Kingdom Come comic (Credit: DC Comics)

In a shocking revelation to fans, the producers of Justice League: Warworlds disclosed that James Gunn and the Studio decided against creating a movie adaptation for Kingdom Come, despite the producers’ wishes. The Studio cited the “regime change” as the reason behind this decision. Producer Butch Lekic told ScreenRant:

“We originally talked about ‘Kingdom Come’ after this, but changing regimes, we couldn’t go forward with anything like that.”

Kingdom Come is a beloved storyline among fans and critics alike. Set in an alternate world, all the classic superheroes retire, making way for new and less ethical superheroes to emerge in their roles. Lekic added that they would still strive to incorporate the storyline into future projects.

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Fans Divided Over James Gunn’s Decisions

James Gunn at The Suicide Squad premiere
James Gunn at The Suicide Squad premiere (Credit: Google)

The beginning of James Gunn’s DC takeover hasn’t been met with enthusiasm, with a lackluster pre-theatrical response to one of the first DCU movies, Blue Beetle. Fans criticize how the downfall of the studio began with the decision to fire Zack Snyder, and there is a strong fan lobby to bring back Snyder and the ‘Snyderverse.’

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With news of such controlling decision-making surfacing, even loyal fans may no longer support Gunn or the Studios. Fans can only speculate about the future of the Kingdom Come storyline in DCU, as they wait in anticipation. Though the possibility of an animated movie adaptation seems distant, it is likely that the story will find its way into one of the DCU live-action movies.

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