Alan Wake 2’s Story Director Confirms Remedy ‘took inspiration’ from 2 Cult Classic Video Games You’d Never Have Expected

Alan Wake 2 director reveals two sources of inspiration for Alan Wake 2.



  • Alan Wake 2 director Kyle Rowley honored Tango Gameworks by mentioning how their games inspired Alan Wake 2.
  • The Evil Within franchise was a source of inspiration for Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake 2.
  • Remedy Entertainment has open positions and invited developers at Tango Gameworks to join the team.
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Alan Wake 2 has been a triumph for Remedy Entertainment and the developers revealed two video games that were sources of inspiration. The survival-horror video game was well-received and took advantage of the success of The Evil Within franchise.


It is unfortunate to see Tango Gameworks being closed down by Microsoft. Kyle Rowley served as one of the game directors of the Alan Wake sequel and opened the doors. Rowley sent an invitation to the developers seeking new opportunities and also revealed another inspiration for the game.

The Evil Within Franchise Inspired Remedy’s Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 took inspiration from The Evil Within games made by Tango Gameworks.
Alan Wake 2 took inspiration from The Evil Within games by Tango Gameworks.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Microsoft just shut down several game studios including Tango Gameworks, and this prompted Rowley to express his opinions about the closure and shared an interesting tidbit about how their projects inspired them.


Although the sequel wasn’t a huge financial success as the developers were hoping for despite having a strong launch, they were able to gain the full rights of Control. Another franchise and this move could be quite beneficial in the long run now that there will be no more roadblocks and the developers can do whatever they see fit.

Now that the developers have more power over their original franchises, it is a sign of confidence that the future will feel much more secure and a good place to park behind a desk for the next few years and make games. Former employees of Tango Gameworks will become valuable assets to the studio with their years of experience crafting horror stories.


Alan Wake 2 Is a Lesson for Remedy Entertainment

The gaming community is optimistic that there will be another sequel after Alan Wake 2.
The gaming community is optimistic that there will be another sequel after Alan Wake 2.

It is wholesome to see game developers support fellow developers in these trying times and even offer them another chance to do what they love. Talent knows no bounds, just because one company fails to see the value of an asset does not mean they are useless or without worth, it is a perfect time to send out resumes and go to places where talent is appreciated and honed.

The developers also have a history of being outgoing and friendly with others, the recent exchange they had with the Arrowhead Game Studios, the team behind the best-selling game of the year: Helldivers 2 has sparked a great interest for a potential crossover and the gaming community is all for it.

There is no shame in taking ideas or inspiration from other great video games, and in retrospect, it is a way to honor what came before. The Evil Within franchise deserves to be credited for the success of this game and the best way to do that is by lending a hand to the people behind it.


It is unknown as to why Microsoft has selected Tango Gameworks to be one of the few unfortunate studios to be shut down but there is always a silver lining to every situation. Remedy Entertainment is explicitly telling the developers to join their family and maybe work on an even greater game.

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