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Sony Rumoured To Be Working on The Amazing Spider-Man 3 With Tom Hardy’s Venom as Villain, May be Directly Set After No Way Home

Christmas comes early this year bearing gifts. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is rumored to be in the running for the top contender as the next big movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Whether that is wholly realized will prove to be a test of patience. But, if the SSU does make a Garfield Spider-Man trilogy, it could mean that his character could finally get the closure it needed. Additionally, the planned story that was laid out by Sony for The Amazing Spider-Man could also land on solid ground.

Before we move any further, we ask you folks to take this thing with the biggest pinch of salt. These Amazing Spider-Man 3 rumours could very well be just that – mere rumours.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield is The Amazing Spider-Man

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No Way Home has definitely left the audience intrigued after Garfield’s bite-sized narrative into how things had been left in his universe since the last time we saw him in his own universe and we already know that Andrew Garfield is coming back for Secret Wars, so this would prove to be the perfect interim in which Marvel and Sony could bring to fruition the story of the Amazing Spider-Man by giving both the character and the audience a sense of closure.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 3: All There is to Know

If Sony decides to move forward with the movie, it will undoubtedly be a sight for sore eyes. Andrew Garfield will be back donning the Spider-Man suit within his own universe for the first time since 2014. The movie will be taking place directly after the events of MCU’s No Way Home which witnessed the multiversal collapse and all 3 Spider-Men joining hands to minimize the havoc that followed in its aftermath.

The Amazing Spider-Man rumored to include Tom Hardy's Venom
The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is rumored to include Tom Hardy’s Venom

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However, the new film will have no other web-slingers apart from the one native to that universe. But, expectantly, the alien symbiote will have a high probability of appearing in the film. Rumored to be released after Venom 3, Tom Hardy might be joining the cast as the chaotic dual character. Jamie Foxx, too, might have a part to play considering where the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left off.

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What it Means to Have Andrew Garfield Back in the Game

Dealing with the tragedy and loss of his MJ — Gwen Stacy, changed Garfield’s Spider-Man at a fundamental level. As he explained in No Way Home, he had lost faith in what he was doing and that his heart wasn’t in it anymore, leading him down a much darker and grievous path. That could mean the third movie could introduce a more sinister plotline and even provide some sense of closure and rekindling-of-faith arc for Garfield’s character by the end after all the losses he had suffered throughout his life.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

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In the past, when Sony had confirmed not moving ahead with The Amazing Spider-Man 3, it was mostly to give way to an MCU reboot suggested by Kevin Feige. But the 2014 leaks and poor critic reviews of the second Amazing Spider-Man film didn’t much help to change the minds of those at Sony either. The canned script was known to include resurrections and making Peter Parker morally ambiguous after the loss of Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

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The whole reason for a younger Spider-Man reboot at Sony via Andrew Garfield after Tobey Maguire’s trilogy was undertaken so as to incorporate a larger story and a shared Spider-Man universe. Even though Sony failed to achieve that, Andrew Garfield’s comeback in his titular role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 after a decade would certainly break the box office. And as the second film had already laid the groundwork for the inclusion of the Sinister Six in the sequel, it would truly be a spectacle worth the decade-long wait.

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