“Apes together strong”: Helldivers 2 Boss Vows to Never Add 1 Feature That Turned Call of Duty, Elden Ring into Toxic Rage Sessions, Fans Agree

'Helldivers 2' is never getting a much demanded multiplayer mode, says CEO.

"Apes together strong": Helldivers 2 Boss Vows to Never Add 1 Feature That Turned Call of Duty, Elden Ring into Toxic Rage Sessions, Fans Agree


  • 'Helldivers 2' is the latest PlayStation exclusive that is breaking all kind of records.
  • Its developers Arrowhead Game Studios have been very actively responding to anything fans have to say about it.
  • But the developer's CEO has announced this game would never get one of the most demanded features ever.
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The popularity of Helldivers 2 is hidden from any gamer right now. Most people are currently playing this surprise hit nowadays, and those who are not playing it are interested in trying it out. One reason for its elevated player count on both the PlayStation 5 and PC is the fact that it has a co-op mode. This means most players are playing with their friends.


Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is not hiding their happiness either. They are enthusiastically fixing any issue that this game might be facing. And they have also been working on expanding the server capacity of Helldivers 2, but there’s one thing they have vowed to never do, and it is somewhat surprising.

Helldivers 2 developer suggests the game might never receive a PVP mode

The new patch should make it easier for players to play the game.
A still from Helldivers 2

Call of Duty is one of the most successful first-person franchises on the market. Gamers everywhere wait enthusiastically for this title to launch every time a new installment in this series is announced. The main pull of these games is their multiplayer mode, in which teams of players compete against each other, trying to win several rounds of different games.


They shoot each other, stab each other, and blow each other with air strikes. And if its success is any evidence, this never gets old. And so this series continues to grow at an exponential rate, year by year.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, is a massive role-playing game that players mostly explore and complete alone. Players are allowed to invite their friends into the game and help them with boss battles that might be too hard for them. But some players dedicate their lives to just raiding other player’s games and eliminating them.

This is called invading; on the other hand, FromSoftware has also given fans access to something called the Colosseum. In this large area, players can duke it out with each other as much as they want. While this feature is not the main focus of Elden Ring, it makes the game a bit livelier.

Helldivers 2 isn't the only piece of media that involves killing big bugs in space.
A still from Helldivers 2

But Helldivers 2 fans would never know how it feels to kill their fellow players. This comes after Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt replied to a Twitter post asking for a PVP with “Hey, we’ll “never” add a PvP mode. This is to reduce toxic elements in the community. We want an environment that’s supportive, fun, and where we all are fighting on the same side.”

Some suggest that the inclusion of PVP mode might make games a bit toxic for newcomers. And it’s a good thing if Helldivers 2 never gets this mode; it would only make the game more approachable. This makes sense and confuses me at the same time. Because games with PVP modes do not automatically end up being toxic.

But still, go on with them for trying to keep their community as clean and refined as they can. But if a community has to be toxic, sometimes co-op games can also end up forming a toxic community. Here’s hoping this never happens and Helldivers 2 players always remain friendly.


Helldivers 2 fans do not mind not getting a PVP mode

Helldivers 2 PC
A still from Helldivers 2

Fans all over have heard this comment. Some are in support of it, and others are just giving their own two cents about this situation. Nevertheless, the Helldivers 2 community keeps growing into something the developers themselves had never expected.



This might not mean the arrival of a PVP mode, but it can mean that a DLC is incoming or maybe a larger and better-looking sequel.


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