“It’s a f**king gut stab”: Arkane Lyon’s Head Dinga Bakaba Pleads with Microsoft and Xbox to ‘make us proud when times are tough’ after Brutal Arkane Austin Closure

Under the right conditions, the studio behind the disastrous Redfall can make a masterpiece like Prey.

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  • Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks were just recently closed by Xbox.
  • Both fans and developers are mourning the loss of the studio behind Prey, and the studio behind Hi-Fi Rush.
  • The Head of Arkane Lyon has a few words for big publishers.
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The gaming community is currently mourning the closure of two Xbox-owned studios, Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks. Tango was most well-known for the exceptional indie title Hi-Fi Rush, while the former is infamously known for the disastrous Redfall and the underrated Prey.


With the recent closure of the studio, many fans and devs alike are both stunned and confused as to what could have led to this decision. Head of Arkane Lyon, Dinga Bakaba, recently shared his thoughts on the whole matter, and to be blunt, he sounds mortified by the events that have just taken place.

Head of Arkane Lyon Reacts to Horrific Decision from Xbox to Close Austin Studio

Xbox has closed the studio behind Redfall.
Xbox has closed the studio behind Redfall.

Generally speaking, the acquisition of Bethesda was a huge deal for Microsoft. Now that the ship has sailed, gamers are left wondering why there was a sudden shift in attitude towards studios under Bethesda.


Bakaba took to X to explain his perspective on the matter. Simply put, his plea is that executives take better care of their artists, as they are the source of their business. Video game development, or any other art-making process, is no easy task, and when it goes well, the publisher is proud, but even the slightest discrepancy, and something like this happens.


All Bakaba is asking is that instead of taking such drastic measures because of one undercooked game, publishers should focus on improving their artists’ work conditions and, rather than using them as scapegoats, should own up to the problem.

He also goes on to say that Lyon is safe, but the way he phrased it kind of makes it sound like for big publishers, pulling the plug is way too easy. Austin can make an incredible game, as is evident by Prey, so rather than just cutting them off, maybe giving a great team another chance would have been more than substantial.

Fans seemingly also share this sentiment, as some are still thanking the developers for what they have done.


Even Helldivers 2‘s Johan Pilestedt recently shared his thoughts on this distressing matter. Regardless, Bakaba’s sentiments are completely valid, and it seems like Lyon could also be in danger if the upcoming Marvel’s Blade game isn’t a success.

Fans Seemingly Turning on Microsoft After Closure of the Aforementioned Studios

Austin was the studio behind 2017's Prey.
Austin was the studio behind 2017’s Prey.

It feels like what Xbox is currently lacking is a good roadmap. Unfortunately, Starfield just didn’t live up to the expectations of a large group of gamers, and games like Hi-Fi Rush felt like lights at the end of a tunnel.


But considering how the studios behind such games are being handled, many are outright turning on the huge Bethesda acquisition.

On the other hand, Sony is still constantly one-upping itself with the recent releases of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Stellar Blade. Even the recent Helldivers 2 PSN ID link controversy has now been resolved.


So, now the question is, what exactly could Xbox be planning to do in the near future with all the studios that it now has under its disposal?

Do you think the closure of Arkane Austin was a good idea? Or will Lyon deliver with the upcoming Marvel’s Blade? Let us know in the comments!


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