As the Metro Franchise Gets Ready for a New VR Adventure, Metro Exodus is Still Smashing Records Source

Ahead of a VR release, the Metro franchise is going from strength to strength.


  • Vertigo Games announced the game has exceeded 10 million sold copies
  • The studio reminded that it's working on the next Metro title, Metro Awakening
  • The whole Metro franchise is now on a sale
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On the fifth anniversary of its release, Vertigo Games announced that Metro Exodus hit the 10 million sold copies milestone. They also have some words about the franchise’s next installment, Metro Awakening. The Metro franchise was always one of the most beloved series of horror-survival games culture.


After years, the Vertigo Games studio achieved to meet the fans’ expectations on every single title they worked on. Although the good news given last week was pretty exciting, the studio’s release date information isn’t that satisfying. Vertigo Games says the game will be released “when it’s ready”. It’s still great to know that the game is developing; experiencing the Metro franchise on VR headsets sounds promising at the time, especially after the latest improvements in the virtual-reality industry.

How Metro Exodus Achieved To Be Succesful?



When Metro Exodus was released in 2019, it was available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Then, developers released a next-gen patch that improves the overall game quality for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series users. The 15 million sales would probably be unachievable without that new-gen patch. The game nerds made a quick switch to the new generation consoles because 2020 was the time to drop playing on 2014 consoles.

What was once a talent of Vertigo Games is their success with Metro Exodus, which acts as proof of the fact that they are dedicated to providing immersive and stimulating playing experiences. One thing, however, that has always made Metro unique among all other games is its atmospheric narration and gameplay which fans have shown a lot of love for the latest version.

The closer we get to the release of Metro Awakening, there’s an atmosphere of fear mounting within the gaming community at large. On one hand, this might leave some loyalists of Vertigo Games yearning for more information about the game’s launch date since it was announced as being “ready.” Mostly, this would give confidence to fans since it shows that Vertigo Games will not compromise on quality. The time will show us how it is going to be.


The Metro Franchise Is Now on Sale

Metro Exodus game
The Metro Franchise Is Now on a Sale

It’s also worth mentioning that the current anniversary sale for the Metro games is a fantastic chance for both newcomers and longtime fans to revisit the franchise. Whether you’re embarking on your first exploration into Moscow’s underground or reliving your favorite parts, there couldn’t be a better time than now to try out this amazing world.

This makes it even more appealing in terms of cost, thus giving one more reason why someone should consider exploring Vertigo Games’ well-created world. Consequently, slip on your gas mask and amass enough ammunition before venturing into the darkness that goes deep in our hearts; indeed, it is called a metro franchise.

In conclusion, 2019’s Metro Exodus became one of the most successful games from Vertigo Games. With the rising performance of Vertigo, the fanbase increases its expectations for the franchise’s next title Metro Awakening. Repeating the studio’s words, “It will be out when it’s ready.”


Are you one of the 10 million sales? Are you just a Metro fan? Let us know in the comments below!


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