Avengers: Endgame – Things That Still Make Zero Sense


Avengers: Endgame was a definitive conclusion to a decade long story arc. The Marvel Cinematic Universe would never be the same again. There are still some things that do not add up.

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The Blip

the blip


The world after half of all life perished was different. The world after the people lost were brought back was even more different. Here’s what we don’t understand – the Blip is basically a giant plot hole. Why did the people that withered to dust did not age? And where were they during all this time before they were brought back? How are they adjusting to their lives in a post Blip world?

Tony Stark’s Iron Gauntlet

iron man snap


There is no doubt that Tony Stark channeling the powers of the Six Infinity stones and saving the world was an incredible scene. His sacrifice saved the universe. The most confusing aspect of that scene was – how come Tony Stark was able to channel all that power? No mortal is even capable of holding the power of one infinity stone, let alone six of them. Even though he had the tech figured out, his body shouldn’t have been able to withstand the power of the Infinity Stones combined. Logically speaking, he should never have been able t snap.

Captain America Returning the Stones



After the world was saved, it was time for the Stones to return back to their original locations before the Time Heist. We don’t know why only Captain America was chosen to go through. Moreover we never got to know what transpired in those time travel journeys. Captain America encountering the Red Skull on Vormir would have been an awesome moment. Why didn’t the MCU show it?

The Past, the Present, and the Future



We will say it since nobody else will – the time travel mechanics in Endgame are totally flawed. They tried to explain it the best way they could. But in the end they failed miserably. Take for example Nebula encountering her past self, and after the Iron Man Snap, the past version of Nebula died along with Thanos. How come the present day Nebula manage to survive? And how does this affect the future? You can’t just label everything as an alternate timeline and call it a day. Time travel does not work like that.

Doctor Strange’s Massive Portals



It sounds dirty. After we are done explaining this plot-hole, it would sound even dirtier. The Portals Scene at the end of Endgame, with Alan Silvestri’s musical score, was a joyous moment. The entire theater erupted when they saw it. Some of us were even crying. here’s the thing though. Doctor Strange and the other magicians of Kamar-Taj were able to conjure all of Earth’s heroes spread all across the universe seconds after they were resurrected. There’s no way they could have done that with such limited amount of time. It was mere seconds apart!!

The Hulk Snap

hulk snap


The Mad Titan wanted balance in the universe. To do that, he needed the power of a God. The Infinity Gauntlet helped him wipe out half of all life in the universe. In mere seconds, countless lives perished in one of the most unforgettable moments in MCU history. The Hulk Snap in Avengers: Endgame reversed whatever Thanos had worked towards. It was also one of the most ridiculous Deus Ex Machina moments in Hollywood history. Many details about the Snap do not add up. The Hulk brought back people from the snap but what about the people who were on planes, or were driving a car, or something just as precarious? What about the people whose homes no longer existed since the Thanos Snap?


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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