Bad Boys 4: Actors Who Would Be A Good Will Smith Replacement

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Many of Will Smith’s projects have been halted after the Oscar controversy. Bad Boys 4 was also among them. Will Smith has been the face of the film series since the first one came out in 1995. But now that the film has been halted there might be a chance that the actor might be replaced. Though there has been no clear indication of it happening and the chances are quite low. Plus, the film is in its early stages still so it is hard to state anything. But if they do end up replacing Will Smith, here are a few actors who would be good in the role in Bad Boys 4.


Idris Elba has replaced Will Smith once

Idris Elba will be good replacement of Will Smith in Bad Boys 4
Idris Elba

Though he wasn’t exactly a replacement for his character, Idris Elba did fill up the space Will Smith’s character left empty. Will Smith had to walk out of the Suicide Squad sequel due to the schedule. So, Idris Elba was brought in to play Bloodsport, a newcomer to the squad. Though it was earlier rumored that he was going to play Smith’s character – Deadshot. He might be perfect to replace Smith and this time for the same character. As he is capable of playing the role with the same energy and skill. In fact, he would add a newer aspect to the character.

Eddie Murphy was the real choice for Bad Boys

Eddie Murphy can replace wil smith in bad boys 4
Eddie Murphy

During the early casting for the lead role, Will Smith was not the first choice. It was the Saturday Night Life fame, Eddie Murphy. Only when Sony Pictures Releasing bought the rights to the film was the cast changed and even then Will Smith got the role after it was turned down by another actor. Now that he was the original choice then he should be a choice if the former actor is being replaced. In fact, Eddie Murphy would do a great job portraying the character.


Jamie Foxx can replace Will Smith

Jamie Foxx can replace Will Smith in Bad Boys 4
Jamie Foxx

Recently seen reprising his Amazing Spider-Man 2 supervillain role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jamie Foxx would be a great choice. He has won a few accolades for his acting in movies like Ray and Collateral. The actor is skilled and has played similar roles. He has the humor and the physique to play the character. He would match Will Smith’s energy for the character and would be a great replacement choice. The makers must consider him. He is not a face unknown to Sony either.

Chris Tucker could play the part in Bad Boys 4

Chris Tucker could play the part in Bad Boys 4
Chris Tucker

Known for his role in the Rush Hour series, Chris Tucker would be a great choice when it comes to replacing Will Smith in Bad Boys 4. His character in Rush Hour, Detective James Carter, is not very different from the Will Smith character. And he has won a few accolades for the same. He has also worked in other movies like The Fifth Element, Friday, Money Talks, and Jackie Brown. He is funny and can do the action. The actor can be on the list if the makers are to replace Will Smith.

Donald Glover can be in Bad Boys 4

Donald Glover can be in Bad Boys 4
Donald Glover

After becoming a household name through Community, Donald Glover is an actor who would be a good replacement for Will Smith in Bad Boys 4. Glover also starred in Atlanta, he created the FX series and directed a few episodes too. He has won several accolades for the same. It includes Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. He has been a part of many successful films as well like The Lazarus Effect, The Martian, and Magic Mike XXL. Also, played in superhero films like Spider-Man: Homecoming. He has a great resume and he has the comic and action factor. He might be fit for the role.


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