Before Madame Web, Sony Reportedly Almost Hired Kevin Feige as a Producer for Venom-Verse

Despite the speculation, fans may be willing for Feige to produce under Sony.

Before Madame Web, Sony Reportedly Almost Hired Kevin Feige as a Producer for Venom-Verse


  • Marvel and Sony had been co-producing Spider-Man films for years, but Disney wanted a larger slice of the movie's profits after the acquisition.
  • Sony reportedly proposed Kevin Feige to produce Venom movies before Feige was rumored to produce Madame Web.
  • Negotiations broke down in August 2019 after the original deal expired, causing Marvel to believe they would lose Feige
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There’s no denying that Spider-Man has been Marvel’s most successful character in the cinema industry. And for years, Marvel and Sony have been co-producing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man films. But in between, Disney wanted a larger slice of the movie’s money, which landed the Studio in striking lucrative deals with Sony.

Kevin Feige credit: ScreenSlam
Kevin Feige | credit: ScreenSlam

According to MCU: Reign of Marvel Studios, it has been suggested that Sony was rather unwilling to surrender the profits to Disney. Therefore, both studios made several deals, among which Sony once reportedly proposed Kevin Feige to produce the Venom-Verse. This deal was apparently made way before Feige was rumored to produce Sony’s Madame Web

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Sony Reportedly Proposed Hiring Kevin Feige For Venom-Verse

For a long time, Sony and Marvel had been working together and excelling with their Spider-Man character and its movies. Succeeding as a joint steward was a big deal for the Studios. However, when Disney came along, there began a tug of war between Sony and Disney over the Spider-Man movies’ profits.

Disney and Sony
Disney and Sony engaged in a tug-of-war over Spider-Man profits

According to MCU: Reign of Marvel Studios, Disney wanted a larger slice of the profit as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Far from Home went into production in 2018. Willing to put up half the budget in return for half the profit, Disney wanted to strike a deal. But, certainly, Sony wasn’t willing to surrender any of the profits, as they had enough to finance the movies, single-handedly. 

Kevin Feige on the Marvel movie set
Sony reportedly proposed to hire Kevin Feige as a producer of Vemom-verse

During these striking of deals, there came a time when Sony counter-offered Disney to reportedly hire Kevin Feige to produce not just Spider-Man movies but also the additional films based on the character, that Sony had rights to. This apparently indicated Feige’s involvement with the Venom-verse. But soon the deals stopped as it got clear that Sony wouldn’t give up half the franchise’s box office. 


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Kevin Feige Is Rumored To Produce Sony’s Madame Web

With the completion of Spider-Man: Far from Home, negotiations broke down in August 2019, as the original deal expired. This marked a period where Marvel believed they would lose Spider-Man and Sony believed they would lose Kevin Feige. Although both parties were disappointed, they handled the situation well, when the impending split got leaked to the press.  

Kevin Feige
Fans reportedly want Kevin Feige to produce Madame Web | Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA.

But following that, fans seem to be hooked on the proposed deal of Sony hiring Kevin Feige for additional movies based on Spider-Man. Thus, even though Feige produced the Spider-Man movies, fans sparked speculations about the MCU head engaging to produce one of Sony Pictures’ upcoming movies, Madame Web, a spin-off of Spider-Man

Madame Web
Feige is rumored to produce Sony’s Madame Web

As per Production Weekly and Small Screen, it was stated that Feige will produce the upcoming Marvel and Sony film. However, nothing has been confirmed by either the studios or Kevin Feige himself. Fans might be desperately willing for the MCU head to produce Madame Web under Sony, but it seems, the time is yet to come. 

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