“I won’t be answering them”: Bethesda Dev Doesn’t Want to Spoil Fallout for Anyone and Is Keeping His Lips Sealed Regardless of What He Knows

Emil Pagliarulo refuses to spoil anything about Fallout.

"I won't be answering them": Bethesda Dev Doesn't Want to Spoil Fallout for Anyone and Is Keeping His Lips Sealed Regardless of What He Knows


  • Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director at Bethesda, rules out answering fan questions regarding the Fallout TV show.
  • The Fallout TV show has been branded by both Todd Howard and Jonathan Nolan as a non-interactive entry in the franchise.
  • Fallout 5, the upcoming game in the franchise, is a long way off, as it is going to be released after Elder Scrolls 6.
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The Fallout TV show has already endeared fans worldwide with its daring depiction of the post-apocalyptic world that the franchise is noted for. However, the TV show is leading to a lot of questions among viewers. Questions that someone from Bethesda will be able to answer, especially the devs of the Fallout franchise.


But Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director of Bethesda Game Studios, has poured water over all expectations by stating that he is not going to be answering questions pertinent to the show, lest there be any spoilers in the answers.

He took to X to pen a post regarding how it feels to not know but why it is important to keep patience and wait for things to unfold in due time.


Bethesda Exec Hopes the Fallout Show Is Just the Beginning

The Fallout TV show promises to be the beginning of something big.
The Fallout TV show promises to be the beginning of something big.

TV adaptations of video games are hot prospects right now. Especially after The Last of Us and Fallout successfully captured audiences from the famous video game franchises for their TV shows. Fallout reportedly had a bigger budget than The Last of Us. This has made fans hopeful of new seasons coming soon.

However, Emil Pagliarulo of Bethesda has made it clear that fans cannot expect any clarifications from him, especially regarding the question posed by the TV show.


While he sympathizes with fans who hate not knowing, he made it clear that he would not interrupt the TV show process. His belief is that the TV show is just the beginning, and it will answer all questions in due time. However, not being associated with the making of the TV show, he cannot guarantee what will happen. So he hopes that this is the beginning.

It is also apparent that he is enjoying the TV show like any other fan of the franchise. As part of the creative team of the video games, it must be plenty weird for him to sit back and watch other people recreate it for the TV show.


In spite of the clear statement, some fans peppered the comments with questions that they had after watching Prime Video’s TV show. However, true to his words, Emil Pagliarulo refrained from answering.

What Next for the Franchise?

The future of the franchise is not clear yet.
The future of the franchise is not clear yet.

Bethesda has already announced that the Fallout 5 game is in production, but it hasn’t announced a release window yet. The studio has announced that the game is going to come after Elder Scrolls 6.


In an interview with Den of Geek, Todd Howard said that they had to keep the TV show from using certain elements because of Fallout 5.

Both director Jonathan Nolan and Todd Howard seemed unanimous in their opinion that the TV show has done such an astounding job of recreating the games’ universe that it feels like a non-interactive entry in the franchise.

What did you think of Emil Pagliarulo’s comments? Do you think that new seasons are on the horizon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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