Blake Lively Has Something to Say After Ryan Reynolds Sparks Her MCU Debut as Lady Deadpool Rumors

Blake Lively has something to speak out about following rumors of Lady Deadpool's appearance in the third Deadpool movie.

Blake Lively Has Something to Say After Ryan Reynolds Sparks Her MCU Debut as Lady Deadpool Rumors


  • Reports suggest Deadpool & Wolverine will feature characters from different universes, hinting at Lady Deadpool's appearance, too.
  • Even Ryan Reynolds' recent Instagram post sparked fan theories about Blake Lively's role in Deadpool & Wolverine.
  • After all those heavy speculations swirling since last year, Lively finally has something to say.
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Disney and Marvel released the first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine. The trailer features Ryan Reynolds Deadpool and briefly shows Wolverine’s back and a shadow of him before ending with a quick flash of his yellow suit.


Reports points to that Deadpool & Wolverine will include various characters from different universes. This also hints at an appearance of Lady Deadpool in the superhero flick.

blake lively
Blake Lively as Emily Nelson from A Simple Favor

That’s not all, there are also rumors that Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively would be the one to portray the role. After all those heavy speculations swirling since last year, Gossip Girl star finally has something to say.


Blake Lively Speaks Out Amid Lady Deadpool Rumors

After the release of Deadpool & Wolverine, along with many other Easter eggs, fans have also speculated about the presence of Lady Deadpool.

Though it was just a brief shot of different Deadpool gloves holding different guns (kind of similar to Lady Deadpool), which hints at Wanda Wilson’s inclusion in the movie.


It can and cannot be certain, but MCU fans are hopeful. Even Ryan Reynolds‘ recent Instagram post has sparked fan theories about her role in Deadpool & Wolverine.

After the release of the Deadpool 3 teaser, Reynolds took to Instagram. The Deadpool 3 star shared a photo of himself watching the teaser and wrote a mysterious caption: “Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer? Also, has anyone seen my wife?”

Some fans saw it as a joke about Blake Lively being seen at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas with Taylor Swift, as shown on TV. Meanwhile, others interpreted it as a possible hint from Reynolds about his wife’s cameo in Deadpool 3.


The 47-year-old also posted on his Instagram stories, writing he “found” his wife. He mentioned she wore Deadpool and Wolverine friendship charms from the film’s poster as a bracelet to the game.

After her husband’s social media posts and stories, even The Shallows actress has something to share. Today, she took to her Instagram and posted a story writing, “Honey, I’m home. My day was good, how was yours?”

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

In the story, the Tarzana native is seen wearing a red shrug next to a TV playing the Deadpool 3 trailer featuring Deadpool in it. These short but meaningful interactions might suggest Lively’s role in the upcoming Deadpool flick.


Previous Rumors About Lady Deadpool’s Appearance in Deadpool 3

Earlier, rumors online suggested that Taylor Swift might play Lady Deadpool in the upcoming third Deadpool movie. In 2022, rumors started after a leaked photo (via QuiadVacuo) showed the pop singer in a Deadpool costume. Soon, industry insider Daniel RPK dismissed the rumors, stating Swift wasn’t cast.

Lady Deadpool
Lady Deadpool

The 34-year-old Lover artist was also rumored for the role of Dazzler, but no official confirmation or credible sources supported it. Another actress, Bella Thorne, was also rumored for the role after she expressed interest in an interview with Comic Book Movie.

A previous report from the same industry insider Daniel RPK (via Patreon) claimed that Earth-3010’s Lady Deadpool will appear as a variant in Deadpool 3 and that she will “look exactly like she does in the comics.”


However, Blake Lively hasn’t been confirmed as Lady Deadpool in the movie yet. But, the 36-year-old would be an intriguing choice for the role, considering her marriage to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool & Wolverine will release in theatres on July 26, 2024.


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