Call of Duty May Not Be Finished with The Walking Dead Crossovers Just Yet

They can't let just let it go.

Call of Duty May Not Be Finished with The Walking Dead Crossovers Just Yet


  • The Walking Dead protagonist Rick Grimes instantly became headline for Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone Season 2.
  • Call of Duty promised a colossal amount of content entering the game during the season.
  • Previously, the game has entered big-time collaborations from popular Hollywood TV shows and films.
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The Walking Dead has become a fine thread woven in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 2. Zombies finally entered the game after being left out during the launch of the season which also made some fans angry. However, they already teased Rick Grimes, the lead character of the post-apocalyptic show, making the return of zombies imminent.


Season 2 Reloaded will likely come during the first week of March 2024, when the Dark Aether storyline will also be revived. Moreover, this could be it for zombies given that developer Treyarch does not have any play to incorporate them in future games. However, that’s not the story for The Walking Dead. In fact, there could be more collaborations with the franchises as CoD games advance.

There’s Still Room For The Walking Dead

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 2 is heavily focused on zombies.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 2 is heavily focused on zombies.

In an interview with entertainment website ScreenRant, AMC’s Clayton Neuman and Call of Duty‘s Jon Riva shared some insights on the collaboration. Regarding possible collaborations, Neuman says,


We don’t have anything to announce or anything like that. But certainly, the Walking Dead universe is continuing to grow and evolve. We’ve got three spin-off series now featuring fan favorite beloved iconic characters in these exciting new locations. And I think there are a lot of possibilities moving forward with future collaborations.

Moreover, Riva feels that “the whole verse of Walking Dead fits naturally into Call of Duty with the zombies part. This is true as both, the game and show, are centered around brain-dead people seeking out human flesh to satiate their hunger.

The upcoming event in Season 2 is called ‘Fear the Living’ where players can earn extra XP while playing as operator Michonne, another important character in the franchise.

Call of Duty Has Had Some Huge Collaborations in the Past

The game have had some fancy collaborations in the past.
The game has had some fancy collaborations in the past.

As famed as both CoD and The Walking Dead are, appears like the collaboration isn’t the fans’ cup of tea. Initially, they were disappointed over his in-game voice lines. There wasn’t a single reference to the show. A Reddit user said, “Honestly, it makes me not even wanna use him. That’s embarrassing.”


However, the game has a history of famous collaborations. Last year, they brought in operators straight out of Eric Kripke’s The Boys including Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir. Furthermore, they introduced more characters from the highly-rated TV show in CoD: MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

Given the history of popular collaborations, fans are always speculating potential entry of new operators. Recently, a debate sparked over a post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) hinting at new content coming in the game. Fans believed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay might be entering the battlefield.

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