Cancelled Marvel Movies & Shows Fans Want Revived

Movies and shows based on Marvel comics are dominating pop culture today. They are breaking records with mega-blockbuster films and have a huge fandom worldwide. There are so many Marvel shows and movies that it is hard for a casual moviegoer to join all the dots together. Marvel fans love to stay up to date. They love to watch every movie and show based on the comics to understand every reference. Despite, it may seem that Marvel has too many movies and shows, the studios have even canceled a lot of them. There are some that the fans want revived.

Inhumans movie should not have been canceled

Inhumans movie should be revived by Marvel Studios

The movie based on Inhumans was canceled due to some issues between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment. And to make it worse was turned into a terrible TV show. The Inhumans movie was supposed to set up a new movie series for Marvel but it got canceled. The TV show based on the series was worse and that too got canceled. Because the fans and critics hated it. The fans think that the movie should never have been canceled and must be revived by Marvel.

Damage Control needs to be revived

Damage Control should be revived by Marvel Studios
Damage Control

The Department of Damage Control was mentioned in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But in 2015, Marvel had talked about an ABC sitcom called Damage Control being made. It was about the team who clears up the mess the heroes leave behind after the wars. It was a joint venture between Stark Industries and the Federal Government. But the show got canceled when in 2015, Marvel Television became part of the larger Marvel Studios. The show could not be fully developed but the fans want Marvel to revive it and release it. It would’ve been an interesting show to watch and will be if the studio decides to finish it.

Fans want Amazing Spider-Man 3 revived

Amazing Spider-Man 3 should be revived by Marvel studios
Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Andrew Garfield starrer Spider-Man movies were canceled by Sony after 2 movies. This was because the Andrew Garfield version of the superhero was not as widely loved as his predecessor. But after seeing him play Spider-man again in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the fans have come to realize that it could’ve been the fault of sub-par films. Recently, there has been a possibility that he might come back as spiderman and the fans have been tweeting about them wanting a third film for the Andrew Garfield series. Maybe this might really convince the studio and we might get to see Garfield again in the Spidey suit.

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The Mockingbird series must be made

Mockingbird series should be revived by Marvel

Another Marvel Television series that got canceled was based on Mockingbird. The series would be focused on the double life of Bobbi Morse, who is a nerdy student but also a S.H.I.E.L.D. superspy. In 2011, the studio had announced the show. But while the series was in development an older version of the character, played by Adrianne Palicki, was introduced in the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, the studio filmed the pilot of the spin-off based on Bobbi Morse and her ex-husband Lance, who is also an agent. But the shows were canceled in 2015 as ABC decided not to pick them up. And they remained a part of AOS.

Sinister Six should be revived

Sinister Six should be revived by Marvel Studios
Sinister Six

Sony was all set to premiere the Sinister Six movie on November 11, 2016. The movie would’ve been a great follow-up film to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and a nice setup for the third film of the series. It was based on the events that would occur after Harry Osborn becomes the Green Goblin and is admitted to Ravencroft. Also, would connect to the prison break of Sytsevich or The Rhino. But due to Sony and Marvel’s rights deal, the movie got canceled and a new version of it is being made by Marvel Studios.

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